Supply Chain Automation Case Study

Need a better way to manage a complex supply chain? IntelliChief’s document management software makes invoicing, vendor payments, and shipment tracking effortless.

Here’s how one customer did it.

Integrating IntelliChief with their ERP, they automated the collection & processing of their AP invoices, as well as the management of purchase order documentation & shipping records. Everyone from Accounts Payable to Customer Service got in on the benefits.

Download the one-page, peer to peer, enterprise content management case study here.

IntelliChief ECM Named Top Workflow Solution Provider

IntelliChief is proud to have been named a Top Workflow Solution Provider by CIO Applications. We don’t just provide best-in-class document management & workflow automation software – we strive to be a communicative, forward-thinking provider, too – offering our customers responsive support & comprehensive training.

To learn more about IntelliChief ECM, contact us today. Or, discover our document management solutions here.

How to Reduce Accounts Payable Processing Costs – Real-World, Real Benefits

Reducing Accounts Payable processing costs has become a movement, figuratively driven by the ability to better allocate staff resources, and literally through automating transactional information and workflows. The real-world implications indicate the need for (and benefits of) increasing both speed and accuracy of processing. Accounts Payable automation is increasingly sought to securely capture all transaction information, with system integrations assuring contractual-transactional integrity, highlights the priority Finance and Accounting professionals are putting towards this accomplishment.

Moving from manual and automated environments increases transaction productivity and cash flow visibility. The numbers behind the automation motivation, provided by a study of AP Management by The Institute of Financial Operations relays cost savings and improved accuracy rank as top justifications for investing in automated accounts payable solutions

Their peer findings: 9 in 10 organizations still deal, at least in part, with paper invoices and transaction-related documentation, leading to higher costs and lower accuracy.

Other Highlights From the AP Processing Report:

80% indicated their volume of invoices increased or remained roughly the same over the past year; 60 percent reporting the bulk of their increase was paper-based

80% confirmed half or more of their invoices arrived paper-based; with a majority reporting paper exceeding 90 percent of their volume

60% required between 5 and 25 full-time employees for invoice entry and matching

70% had unimproved or increased invoice entry and payment error rates change in the last 18 months

7 of 10 said that PO automation is an important component of an AP automation initiative

The most important drivers to automating the management of POs and invoices: a full 60% stated the desire of achieve better control over spend and ensuring purchases are with preferred suppliers, 45% to eliminate mismatches and exceptions that lead to blocked invoices

65% noted the average time it takes to process an invoice changed over the past year has increased or remained unchanged

Just over half captured a significant amount of early payment discounts contractually available to them

Regarding imaging, 45% reported using front-end document capture capabilities. Only 20% included optical character recognition (OCR) to replace manual ERP keying, with a mere 10% having data extraction and utilization capabilities (enabling ERP-integrated invoice validation, and direct entry into automated workflow).

Making Your Organization More Competitive With Lower Accounts Payable Processing Costs

Those stats indicate the state of the industry. How close is it to your environment’s reality? If nearer than you’d like, your automation advantages encompass:

How to reduce accounts payable processing costs – real-world, real benefits? Here’s how: this 3 ½-page AP automation guide relays the steps:

For more, see IntelliChief ECM for Accounts Payable.

Ditch the DSO’s with Sales Order Processing Automation

When you receive a customer order, how quickly do you get it to production?

If you’re like most companies, it takes several days. The process of collecting each order, verifying it for accuracy, entering it into your ERP, and getting it out the door isn’t always smooth. And when you have complex internal procedures? You’re looking at a long, costly, and hard-to-manage process.

Now, consider what happens when something goes wrong. A lost or misplaced order, a data entry error, or a late change request can extend the process even further.

This isn’t just frustrating for you – it’s frustrating to your customers as well. And if you don’t maintain communication as to the status of their order? You can say goodbye to their repeat business.

IntelliChief makes it easier to process your orders. Our sales order processing system can maximize efficiency, lower your processing costs, mitigate risks, and even help you reduce your DSO. You’ll get alerted to each new purchase order as it arrives, and you won’t have to manually add it to your ERP. IntelliChief captures and processes these documents automatically.

You’ll gain a greater competitive advantage, and provide an even higher level of service for your customers.

Ready to transform your fulfillment process & drive revenue up across your organization? See how easy it can be to ditch the DSOs with sales order processing automation.