SAP Content Management

Capture Content, Sync Data With Your ERP, and Automate Your Business Workflows

SAP document management helps you use your ERP more efficiently. You can:

  • Automatically collect and archive your corporate content
  • Sync the data with your SAP applications
  • Automate workflows across your entire organization
  • Monitor the status of every project you’re working on in SAP
  • Manage all of your business documents from a single interface

Instead of managing tedious processes by hand, let IntelliChief handle routine tasks behind the scenes. Our content management solutions let you save time anywhere you use your SAP software suite.

Have a Project?

Import Data From Your Business Documents into SAP

The more documents that come in and out of your organization, the harder it can be to keep up.

As new content arrives, IntelliChief can collect the data and import it into your ERP. (It doesn’t matter what format the content is in, either – our document imaging solutions can process emails, PDFs, faxes, and hard-copy documents.) Employees don’t have to manually handle your paperwork – and you’ll have access to your latest business information in real-time.

Save Documents As You Create Them in SAP

As you create new documents, IntelliChief automatically saves them to your archive. The records are linked to the corresponding project or transaction, too – letting you find them at a moment’s notice.

Retrieve Documents Without Leaving Your SAP Applications

When your employees need to access a specific document, they can retrieve it without ever leaving SAP. Document management software lets them stay focused and productive.

SAP Document Control

Different SAP users need access to different content – and IntelliChief makes it easy to configure. You can create custom permissions for different users and departments, updating your settings at any time. You can even create a complete record of every time your documents are accessed, shared, or processed.

SAP Workflow Automation

Automatic document routing lets you start on your processes right away. You don’t have to wait for an employee to find the paperwork, input the data, and complete the corresponding processes as their schedule allows. Day-to-day operations become much faster (and less costly.)

With IntelliChief, you can automate a wide range of business processes, from Accounts Payable invoice approvals to sales order processing. Your teams can collaborate with the click of a button, completing different responsibilities at the same time. They can even handle crucial tasks on their mobile devices when they don’t have direct access to SAP. Meanwhile, IntelliChief automatically keeps everyone on track.

Plus, our workflow automation software becomes more intelligent the more that you use it. You can teach it to mimic the way you work, reducing manual touchpoints for your most complex processes. Learn more about RPA for SAP.

SAP Content Management for Your Entire Enterprise

Our enterprise-level content management system is designed for simple and easy SAP integration. Without any custom coding, it can sync with any of your core modules, including:

  • SAP Module FI (Finance Accounting), including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable sub-modules
  • SAP Module SD (Sales and Distribution), including the Sales Order Processing and Monitoring, Bill/Invoice Generation, Credit Management, Bill of Material, and Pricing/Discounts sub-modules
  • SAP Module HR (Human Resources), including the Personnel Administration, Payroll Benefits Compensation, Recruitment Time Management, and Travel Management sub-modules
  • SAP Module MM (Materials Management), including the Purchasing and Invoice Verification sub-modules

It can also integrate with multiple software systems – which is ideal if you use other applications alongside SAP. We can even migrate you from one legacy system to another. If you ever change technologies in the future, our conversion services will prevent you from losing any of your content.

Get Started With AP Document Management

At IntelliChief, we’ve been in the document management industry for 10+ years – which means we have the knowledge necessary to get you up and running the right way. We’ll guide you through the entire transition, from uploading your existing documents to creating custom workflows. We’ll tailor your entire DMS configuration to your organization’s unique technical needs.

To learn more about ERP-integrated enterprise content management, contact us today. Or, visit our Resource Library to see how other customers have streamlined their business with our SAP document management system.