Order-to-Cash Automation

Speed up your O2C cycle and reduce processing time with automated order entry

IntelliChief’s order entry automation system lets you electronically collect and process your customer orders whether you receive orders in the mail or via email, fax or EDI. You can get started with getting control of your order entry process once an order is received – no matter where the sale is made. And you don’t have to waste time on manually entering an order into your ERP system.

Why Use an Order Entry Automation System?

If you’re already using an order management program (like Oracle Order Management or Infor CloudSuite Distribution), you technically have everything you need to enter your orders. But for many companies, getting information into these systems is tedious, time-consuming and prone to human error.

For an ordinary transaction, the order entry process can take anywhere from just a few minutes to 30 minutes or more. (More complex orders that require further validation and approvals can take much longer to input.) The more orders you receive, the more time your team has to spend to validate and enter orders. Meanwhile, the more orders you have to enter, the longer it takes – and the longer your customers end up waiting for their products.

If on average you take 10 minutes to process a single order and you’re processing 5,000 orders a month, that’s 833 hours spent on manual data entry of orders alone. And with the typical full-time employee spending 160 hours a month at the office, you’re paying a team of at least 5 individuals to prepare your orders for fulfillment. (That doesn’t even include the employees who actually process and ship the orders, or the ones who handle returns.)

Automating the Order Entry Process

With IntelliChief, automation makes order entry into your ERP much less of a hassle and eliminates human errors too.

Our order entry automation software can instantly collect and sort your incoming orders. Your employees won’t have to be constantly “on call”, watching for new orders to arrive. Instead, they can spend their time providing valuable attention to your customers. (Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about orders being lost or misplaced.)

From there, IntelliChief can send the details for every order straight to your ERP. For many orders, your team won’t have to get involved at all. But if there’s an issue – like an item that’s currently on backorder or an order that requires credit approval – it’s brought to their attention right away.

Once an order is validated and approved, the rest of your process will continue as it always has. But instead of manually passing documents back and forth from department to department, our order entry automation system lets you electronically route orders and related documents to your individual business teams. Your employees can review, approve, and process your order documents from a single convenient platform, connected seamlessly to your ERP.

IntelliChief Mobile Access Server even lets you manage your order entry process from a smartphone or tablet, helping you keep your workflows moving even when you’re on the go. It’s a perfect solution for on-the-go order entry at tradeshows, conferences, and customer appointments. Meanwhile, your team back at headquarters (or in your production warehouse) is instantly notified that a new order needs to be processed, and they can get started ASAP. Everyone in your organization has access to the latest, most comprehensive information and order documents.

Order Entry Automation Case Study: See How One Business Cut Their Processing Times in Half

Every company wants to work faster and more effectively – and order to cash automation is a great place to start. Here’s one real-life example:

One of our customers was collecting each of their orders (and preparing them for processing) by hand. Their customer service team had to manually route them to several internal departments for review, then eventually manually enter the order detail information into their ERP by hand. Only after everything was updated could they start moving each order through to fulfillment.

With IntelliChief, they were able to electronically enter and approve their orders, cutting their order processing time in half. They also streamlined their department to include just three people, instead of seven.

Customize IntelliChief’s Order Entry System for Your Business

Our sales order entry automation system puts these improvements within reach for your business as well. Our software lets you:

  • Collect, sort, validate and route your orders
  • Verify each customer’s contact information and matching price agreements
  • Send out instant receipt notifications and order acknowledgements as orders are processed
  • Generate and transmit invoices for each order transaction

IntelliChief also keeps your order information and documents – from contracts and original orders to shipping confirmations and notifications and everything in between – in a neatly organized archive. Your customer service team can access this information any time you need it – without having to leave their familiar ERP screens.

To learn more about our automation solutions for sales order entry, contact us today. Or, feel free to request a demo of our easy-to-use order entry system.