ERP Order Entry Automation System

Process orders faster and more accurately by eliminating manual data entry into your ERP

In today’s competitive market, it’s not enough to have quality products and low prices. To stand out, you need fast turn-around times, prompt communication, and outstanding customer support. IntelliChief’s order entry automation system can help leverage your ERP and help you become a better business partner – and improve your bottom line.

Our sales order entry automation technology improves how you enter sales orders into your ERP system letting you process your customers’ orders faster and more accurately with minimal effort. The end result of automation for sales order entry is the elimination of manual entry of orders into your ERP, speeding up order processing and eliminating errors caused by human error.

The best part is, from a single platform, you can use IntelliChief’s automation technology for a wide range of business processes beyond order entry automation – like Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation, Order-to-Cash (O2C) automation, and HR onboarding automation. Automation delivers the power to eliminate manual data entry into your ERP system in any business process that is prone to error, saving your team valuable time.

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Automate Your Sales Order Entry

IntelliChief lets your customer service work more efficiently by eliminating the manual task of entering orders and PO’s into your ERP system. Instead of entering orders into your ERP the same routine and error-prone way you always have, use the IntelliChief automation platform to eliminate the manual data entry to complete the most time-consuming and mundane tasks.

How does it work? Sales orders and PO’s received by EDI, fax, email and paper are converted into digital documents that are then validated for processing in your ERP. IntelliChief automatically creates the orders in your ERP using all your business logic for entering the order into your ERP including incorporating any approval processes such as credit checking and credit limit validations. No more customer service data entry and no more order entry mistakes.

For each PO and order, IntelliChief automation verifies the details with the information you already have saved in your ERP. It cross-references prices, part numbers, discounts, and customer contact information – all without an employee having to review and validate the details.

If everything on the sales order or PO is correct, the sales order is created in the ERP without manual data entry. For sales orders and PO’s that require approval or correction, the process of approval and correction is streamlined for efficient, automatic entry into your ERP system. With the elimination of the manual process to enter orders into your ERP, your customer service representatives are left to only focus on customer satisfaction.

On a simple order or PO, the elimination of the manual data entry into the ERP system can save up to 5 or 10 minutes per order. For more complicated transactions, you’re streamlining things even further for even more savings per order – and preventing even more potential data-entry mistakes. Because every order is checked for accuracy, your customers get the products they ordered, in the right quantities, at the quoted price – and you build a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy business.

A Centralized Platform for All Your Order Entry Processing Needs

IntelliChief automatically adds incoming orders and PO’s to your auto-processing queue as soon as they arrive. It offers a reliable and automatic way to enter the order in your ERP and manage the fulfillment process. If your sales order entry process requires other forms and/or approvals to enter the order into your ERP – including forms that are sent directly to your office, transactions that you complete over the phone, and orders that your reps enter on the go.

If your order entry process frequently requires approvals, you need an order entry automation system that allows for remote approval. With IntelliChief’s secure mobile access technology, you can approve orders anywhere. The rest of the team will have access to the approval information in real-time – allowing an order to be entered into the ERP as soon as it is approved.

Collaborative, Cross-Departmental Processing of Orders

The IntelliChief B2B order entry automation system can even route your orders through your organization – helping you speed up your fulfillment cycle. Instead of passing paperwork from one department to the next, our software does it all automatically. This means no more delays, no more confusion and full management visibility to the order entry process.

Our sales order entry automation solution is especially helpful for businesses that have multiple locations. When customer service, credit, engineering, and logistics all work out of different buildings or even different cities, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. IntelliChief keeps everyone on the same page – across every department – letting you reduce your order processing times and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Real-Time Insight Into Every Transaction

With perhaps hundreds of thousands of orders received by a multitude of methods, all requiring manual entry into an ERP system, it’s easy to see how sales orders can get lost. With IntellliChief, detailed analytics give you even more visibility into the status of every order you receive. You can see what orders have been received, what’s been processed, what’s been shipped, and what’s been paid for – along with any other document/information you need to manage your order-to-cash cycle. Because your customer service team will know exactly what’s happening in the order entry process – at all times – they’ll have more time to focus on improving customer satisfaction. At the same time, your financial team can see how your processes are impacting your cash flow – and how you can improve.

Integrate With Any ERP

Since the process of entering sales orders manually is eliminated with sales order entry automation, it is important for the automation system to be highly integrated with your ERP system. IntellilChief securely integrates with any ERP platform that you’re currently using for sales order entry. Our customized solution can:

  • Organize and store all of your documents required to process an order in a secure digital archive
  • Allow ERP users to see all related documents to an order from their familiar ERP screen
  • Validate and enter order information from a PO or order using information that’s already saved in your ERP system
  • Manage the order approval process by sending out reminders to approvers and setting timers for escalation to process an order that has not been entered into the ERP
  • Manage all of the documents in the Order-to-Cash process including invoices generated by and payments received by the ERP

Plus, you can stay one step ahead of your customers. With a customer’s entire order history at your fingertips (including all the related documents), you can strategically up-sell products and services that complement their previous purchases. And, if they reach out to you with questions about their order, you’ll have everything you need to address their concerns right at your fingertips. Proposals, quotes, contracts, credit approvals and invoices are consolidated into a single location – which you can access without ever leaving your ERP.

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