B&L BLIS-400 Odyssey

B&L BLIS-400 Odyssey is a leading ERP system for the foundry and die casting industry. When implemented in conjunction with IntelliChief document management, imaging, and workflow solution, it becomes a powerful system to enhance customer service, purchasing, receiving, billing, and other paper-intensive processes.

IntelliChief Official PPM Provider for B&L BLIS-400 Enterprise

When you use BLIS-400 Odyssey in conjunction with IntelliChief, you enable the creation and capturing of key business documents electronically, and make them available directly from a users’ desktop computer and their B&L application screens. One of the most powerful benefits that come from using IntelliChief with BLIS-400 Odyssey is the ability to search for and retrieve documents directly from the ERP application screen. No more going to the archive room or looking through endless filing cabinets to find customer files.

Eliminating Paper and Increasing Productivity

Users know how to search for a Purchase Order in BLIS-400 Odyssey, but now when that PO comes up on the ERP, it will also be brought up by IntelliChief to the user’s screen showing not only the original PO that was created and faxed to a vendor but also all related documentation (original PO request, vendor acknowledgement, vendor invoice, etc.).


B&L Document Management Case Study

Want to see how our previous customers have improved their organizations with IntelliChief? Here’s a B&L document management case study that shows you exactly that.