HR Shared Services Solutions

Onboarding software, electronic employee files, and streamlined benefits administration

Shared services provide a coordinated approach to HR. Companies spend fewer resources on hiring, onboarding, and benefits administration, and their newly streamlined procedures become easier to manage.

But, HR shared services requires a higher level of coordination – on behalf of both the customer and the shared service center. According to Deloitte’s Shared Services Handbook, many providers technology to operate successfully on a large scale.

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Shared Services Solutions for More Efficient Human Resources

An internal HR department may only have a few employees to manage, but a shared service provider will typically manage thousands. Many HCM systems handle parts of the process, but most companies still maintain paper files for the rest. Unfortunately, it’s not always realistic to have an HCM system handle all of the documents and workflows for PTO requests, performance reviews, benefit forms, and other paperwork.

For an easier time keeping up with a high volume of employees, shared services organizations can turn to ECM – electronic content management – to manage their documentation.

Discover IntelliChief’s HR Shared Services Tools

At IntelliChief, we’ve created a comprehensive solution for better HR. Our software makes it easy for you to capture, store, and retrieve your paperwork – directly from any HCM application, in the employee record you are viewing, or from any device. Whether you’re at a shared service center or corporate headquarters, you’ll be able to get the documentation you need – no emails, no disorganized folders, no delay.

Plus, our advanced security measures ensure that confidential information stays confidential. Documents are only available to users with the correct credentials, and a strong architecture prevents unauthorized access.

Our ECM software is also designed to fit seamlessly into your current operating model. It can work directly with your human resources system (like Oracle PeopleSoft) and complement the workflows you already have in place. But, through strategic automation, you’ll be able to eliminate duplicated processes and work more efficiently.

Using Automation as Part of Your HR Shared Services Model

Companies that adopt a shared services model usually design a custom strategy around efficiency and optimization. To that extent, automation is a must.

IntelliChief’s HR solutions relieve the burden of manual workflows and administration. For instance, you can have employment applications automatically entered into your applicant tracking system, with all of the information collected, verified, and archived without manual input.

The same concept applies for managing PTO and expense requests, health and dental insurance forms, onboarding documents, and disciplinary forms. With automation, these time-consuming processes no longer need to be completed by HR managers – making your shared services center even more productive. And with routine administration streamlined by technology, your Human Resources team will be free to provide more strategic business advice, like succession plans and compensation recommendations.

Automation also helps you complete multi-step projects as quickly as possible. Approvals, notifications, and other processes that involve multiple individuals can be immediately routed where they need to go. Your human resource managers are notified of new projects right away and can direct their attention to each task as it comes up.

Whether you’ve recently completed an acquisition or are simply looking to transform legacy processes that are no longer meeting your needs, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

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