Paperless Insurance Office

Unlock a paperless insurance office to enhance efficiency

A paperless insurance office may seem impossible, considering how many documents your agents receive, print, sign, and send to customers. (In fact, McKinsey estimates that up to 50 percent of the time spent by the insurance workforce is spent collecting and processing data.) But with an electronic document management system, going paperless could be easier than you think.

IntelliChief’s document management software allows you to save digital copies of your documents, then access them from your computer or mobile device. You’ll still be able to do everything you would normally do with a paper document – just faster and more efficiently. You’ll spend less time filing paperwork, and more time giving your customers what they need: prompt service and quality coverage.

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Enterprise Content Management for the Insurance Industry

IntelliChief’s document management system is perfect for claims processors, underwriters, financial planners, customer service representations, and policy administrators – essentially, anyone who manages a high volume of paperwork. And, because our software makes collaboration simple, it’s excellent for companies that need to share documents across multiple locations. You can use IntelliChief for:

  • Renewals
  • Cancellations
  • Policy Statements
  • Claims
  • Applications
  • Bills
Insurance Document Management

Whether you’re in the property, casualty, life, health, or automobile insurance industry, we have the experience necessary to help you implement the document management strategies that make the most sense for your business.

Saving Digital Copies of Your Documents

With IntelliChief, you can save policy statements, quotes, renewals, cancellations, reinstatements, and other supporting documents by scanning them in or capturing them electronically from a fax, a monitored inbox, and various other methods. You don’t have to deal with physical storage. And all of your documents will have a secure, electronic backup, making IntelliChief a critical part of your disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

When anyone – be it a policyholder or an underwriter in another office – sends you a document as a fax or email, you can instantly save it to your archive. Whenever you need the information, you can access it with a single click, even from within your insurance application.

In order to meet your organization’s compliance initiatives, you’ll need to keep your records confidential – and IntelliChief makes it easy. Your paperwork will all be saved in a secure central repository where your IT team can control all user privileges.

A Paperless Insurance Claims Process

Because insurance claims require so many manual reviews, IntelliChief gives you the next best thing: a reliable way to automate document processing and in turn, speed up the resolution process.

With IntelliChief, you can link together any documents that bear the same policy or claim number, including repair estimates and legal files. From there, you can instantly review these documents without having to get up from your desk and search for them. Plus, they’ll never get lost.

Automated Insurance Billing

Billing is another paper-driven process that many insurance companies struggle with. Customer service representatives will no longer have to get up and search for supporting documents in file cabinets when they field calls.  They can have access to any authorized documents right from your insurance application.  With IntelliChief email and fax server integration, they can even send documents to the customer while they are still on the phone.

Take the First Step Toward Becoming a Paperless Insurance Office

Ready for a better approach to billing, claims processing, and policy administration? When you go paperless, your insurance office benefits in a multitude of ways. It becomes faster, more streamlined, and less prone to slowing down. IntelliChief helps you cultivate a more sustainable and efficient working environment that can greatly boost productivity and cash flow.

Contact IntelliChief today to learn more about our paperless insurance office solutions. We can help you put together a document management system that meets your specific needs.