IntelliChief Mobile Access Server for Content Management & Collaboration On The Go

In today’s fast-paced world, employees need to be able to work from anywhere. That’s why IntelliChief created a user-friendly application for mobile content management. Our Mobile Access Server allows your employees to process digital documents from their mobile device – no special connection required.

Mobile Content Management IntelliChief’s Mobile Access Server works with Apple, Android, and Windows devices. This mobile content management software gives your team the ability to:

  • View and approve (or reject) invoices, purchase orders, and other transactional documents
  • Assign GL codes
  • Add digital notes to projects
  • Route documents to other individuals in your organization

Users don’t need to log in to a VPN, making it simple to get to the IntelliChief repository or workflow feature. And, all of your sensitive data remains secure, no matter where it’s accessed. You can determine in advance who you’d like to be able to view, edit, and approve documents through a streamlined Management Console. On the IT end, our industry-leading mobile security policies makes sure that confidential documents are never left vulnerable.

Why Do You Need Mobile Content Management Software?

When your employees are in the field or traveling, important responsibilities can fall through the cracks. Approvals are often delayed, and collaboration comes to a halt. Plus, documents that get taken out of the office may never end up making the trip back.

Mobile content management software makes sure your team never misses a beat. You can continue with your established workflows, and nothing is lost or misplaced.

Another thing to keep in mind: the IntelliChief experience is the same on mobile as it is on desktop. Employees who already use IntelliChief on their office computers can continue as they normally do – from anywhere, and at any time. By giving your employees the tools they need to make the most of their flexible work arrangements, you can increase employee satisfaction and productivity at the same time.

IntelliChief Mobile Access Server Requirements

IntelliChief’s Mobile Access Server License can be used with any IntelliChief Base System version 4.1 or above. It is licensed on a per-archive basis, with a maximum of one license per archive. IntelliChief’s Mobile Access Server requires professional services implementation.

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Suite of Content Management Products

At IntelliChief, we offer a full range of document management products that are designed to work in harmony with your existing system. For more information about the IntelliChief Base System License, our mobile content management software, or any of our other products, us today.