IntelliChief Partnership Programs

Would you (and your clients) benefit from a highly configurable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system featuring industry-awarded automated capture, document management, workflow, and real-time analytic visibility throughout the enterprise?

If your offerings portfolio either needs a universally-integrating, established ECM system or a flexible supplement to your current offerings, IntelliChief is the clear choice.

Over 10+ years, IntelliChief has deployed ECM solutions across much of the North America, South America, and Europe. Although our portfolio of clients has grown significantly in this time, serving hundreds of businesses, we aren’t stopping until we’ve filled in the gaps on our maps. As the emerging leader in ECM and Automation,  we are prepared to provide a unique opportunity for VAR representation. If you’re in the enterprise software, hardware, business applications, or consulting services space, we have a mutual interest that could prove beneficial to your goals and objectives.

The Ongoing Benefits of an IntelliChief Partnership

To further your pursuits, we’ve added new marketing and technical additions to the company’s Partnership Programs, with a focus on additional product presentation tools and support resources. These offerings span the areas of marketing programs, sales lead generation, technical assistance, and product support — from referral and presentation to system integration to configuration and implementation.

These programs are customized to align with your strengths while also addressing areas you would like to grow in. That means any arrangement, from introduction referrals to implementation assistance, are all designed to match your interests and streamline the way you operate your business. We support your team in client and prospect discussions as a resource and compensate you for your efforts. Our flexibility equates to yours.

If you’re a systems integrator, we welcome the opportunity to provide our industry-acclaimed ECM solutions to your offerings portfolio, working with you and your team’s billable project efforts to enhance the value of your client’s ERP and departmental business systems.

Our partnerships are distinctively reciprocal; IntelliChief staff will actively seek opportunities to refer you to our clients and prospects, cultivating reliable relationship bonds. This spirit and practice make our partnership ventures effective for all.

For additional information about IntelliChief’s Partnership Programs, email