IntelliChief for JD Edwards EntepriseOne

Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Enterprise-Class Solutions for EnterpriseOne

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a purpose-built ERP system designed to meet the demands of the industry leaders of today. With powerful tools to drive your organization’s digital transformation, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a modernized ERP solution that continues to innovate year after year. Although EnterpriseOne features an array of technologies to help companies become more productive and efficient, its most successful customers complement its robust feature set with Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation to drive operational efficiency to the next level.

For organizations that rely on EnterpriseOne to stay ahead of the curve, IntelliChief is the ideal solution to maximize productivity. Featuring a proven integration with EnterpriseOne, IntelliChief streamlines and automates processes from start to finish, going far beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of EnterpriseOne.

ECM for EnterpriseOne

  • Search, retrieve, and manage documents electronically
  • Eliminate off-site document storage costs
  • Integrate document-based processes with EnterpriseOne
  • Manage access rights
  • Automatically route documents for faster approvals
  • Streamline audits with configurable retention policies and audit portal
  • Utilize best practices for document management
  • Ensure that your documents can be recovered in the event of a disaster

Process Automation for EnterpriseOne

  • Automate Accounts Payable, Order Management, and more
  • Reduce processing time/cost by 70% or more
  • Automatically capture and process documents from start to finish
  • Scale operations while minimizing associated costs
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Update workflows with a visual, no-code design tool
  • Mitigate human errors by standardizing processes
  • Track process improvements with analytics

Accounts Payable Automation for EnterpriseOne

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne helps your organization ensure that payments to suppliers are accurate and made on time. EnterpriseOne is a reliable system of record for invoices, expenses, and assets, but when it comes to processes like matching vouchers with invoices and purchase orders from other departments, your employees are responsible for manually validating transactions for reconciliation. Implementing AP Automation for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can help you lower invoice processing costs while minimizing time spent on these tedious, manual tasks.

EnterpriseOne AP Automation Benefits

Organizations with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as their core ERP system can benefit from our AP Automation solution in numerous ways, including:

  • Automate tedious, time-consuming manual data entry
  • Utilize “straight-through processing” to eliminate human errors
  • Capture 100% of available early payment discounts
  • Improve process visibility at the departmental and individual level
  • Eliminate duplicate payments and late payments
  • Eradicate data entry errors to prevent unnecessary backtracking
  • Automate invoice processing so that users only need to focus on exceptions
  • Reallocate resources to fast-track more strategic initiatives
  • Establish a best-in-class business continuity plan

Sales Order Automation for EnterpriseOne

Your company’s Sales Order process is unique, which means automating it effectively requires a solution that can match it step-for-step. While many Sales Order Automation solutions try to force companies into a pre-defined process template, IntelliChief allows your organization to convert its existing processes into automated workflows.

With IntelliChief for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, you can automate your own customized Sales Order processes using a visual drag-and-drop designer that doesn’t require custom coding. Managing customer orders efficiently is integral to the success of your organization. From capturing orders to tracking them and fulfilling them without delay, the more control you have over this process, the easier it is to grow your business, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

EnterpriseOne Sales Order Automation Benefits

Does your organization process a large volume of orders? IntelliChief Sales Order Automation helps companies like yours expedite fulfillment while reducing costly errors. EnterpriseOne Sales Order Automation benefits include:

  • Automate order entry and increase order accuracy
  • Meet customers SLAs with ease
  • Protect your business with a continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Eliminate duplicate orders
  • Improve process visibility
  • Eliminate order entry errors
  • Mitigate “document shuffle”
  • Superior management, oversight, and analytics of order process
  • Reduce, reallocate, or defer resources