IntelliChief for Infor LX

Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation for Infor LX

Enterprise-Class Solutions for Infor LX

Infor LX is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that helps organizations simplify and automate portions of their discrete manufacturing operations. With the added visibility offered by Infor LX, organizations gain the ability to reduce the amount of time required to respond to customer, supplier, and regulatory needs.

With IntelliChief, Infor LX is enhanced with an array of features designed to push the ERP’s automation capabilities even further. Leveraging a seamless integration with Infor LX, IntelliChief adds robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Process Automation capabilities to unlock best-in-class straight-through processing rates while eliminating the need for paper-based processes.

ECM for Infor LX

  • Streamline document-based processes
  • Capture and route documents
  • Boost productivity and accuracy
  • Reduce paper usage and physical storage
  • Maintain digital records
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Manage content and processes from mobile devices

Process Automation for Infor LX

  • Automate Accounts Payable, Order Management, and more
  • Reduce cost to process documents by 70% or more
  • Straight-through processing
  • Scale operations without additional headcount
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Update workflows with a visual workflow editor
  • Mitigate human errors
  • Monitor process improvements with analytics

Accounts Payable Automation for Infor LX

Infor LX Financials for Accounts Payable is the core component of your Accounts Payable department, serving as your system of record for AP invoices and other related documents. IntelliChief AP Automation for Infor LX can help your organization efficiently manage your payables process, resulting in fewer late payments and more discounts.

Infor LX AP Automation Benefits

IntelliChief AP Automation for Infor LX plays an important role in your organization’s digital transformation. The benefits of Infor LX AP Automation include:

  • Eliminate/reduce time spent performing manual data entry
  • Realize “straight-through processing”
  • Capture more early payment discounts
  • Increase process visibility
  • Eliminate duplicate/late payments
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Automate the invoice process, allowing users to focus on exceptions
  • Reduce, reallocate, or defer resources
  • Establish a business continuity plan

Sales Order Automation for Infor LX

Managing customer orders efficiently helps your organization maintain working capital to reinvest in strategic initiatives. You need a reliable way to capture orders, track them, and fulfill them in a timely manner — IntelliChief automates these processes to make them faster and less error-prone.

IntelliChief reads the header and order lines on your Sales Orders, captures them, and immediately updates your Infor LX databases accordingly. All of your general order data, including business partner data, payment terms, and delivery terms, and the data about the actual items to be supplied, such as price agreements and delivery dates, is captured with 100% accuracy.

Infor LX Sales Order Automation Benefits

Sales Order Automation helps organizations reduce the number of costly errors that negatively affect fulfillment time. With IntelliChief Sales Order Automation for Infor LX, you can:

  • Automate order entry
  • Ensure customer SLAs are met
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Eliminate duplicate orders
  • Increase process visibility
  • Eliminate order entry errors
  • Mitigate “document shuffle”
  • Superior management, oversight, and analytics of order process
  • Reduce, reallocate, or defer resources