IntelliChief for Infor ERPs

Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation for Infor ERPs

Enterprise-Class Solutions for Infor ERPs

Over the past 20 years, Infor has established itself as a global leader in business software products for companies in industry-specific markets. Infor focuses on providing innovative solutions that place the user experience squarely in the center of their product strategy. Since 2002, Infor has utilized data science and an aggressive acquisition strategy to grow its vast portfolio of business solutions.

IntelliChief has provided integrated Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation to many customers around the globe. IntelliChief takes your Infor ERP even further. With reliable integrations for Infor LX, Infor XA, Infor System21, and other Infor ERPs, you can control corporate content and automate processes from start to finish with IntelliChief for Infor ERPs.

ECM for Infor

  • Streamline document-based processes
  • Capture and route documents
  • Boost productivity and accuracy
  • Eliminate paper
  • Maintain digital records of transactions
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Manage content from mobile devices

Process Automation for Infor

  • Automate Accounts Payable, Order Management, and more
  • Reduce cost to process documents by 70% or more
  • Straight-through processing
  • Scale operations without additional headcount
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Update workflows with no-code editor
  • Mitigate human errors
  • Monitor process improvements with analytics

Accounts Payable Automation for Infor ERPs

Your Infor ERP acts as a system of record for your business, helping it manage cash flow, vendor terms, discount opportunities, and more. Cash flow management doesn’t stop once the bills are paid, which means you need a reliable way to refine your processes and avoid common AP pitfalls as your business grows and new challenges arise. IntelliChief not only helps you capture, store, and manage invoices and other AP documents but also helps you automate these processes to mitigate human error, eliminate risk, and reduce costs. IntelliChief Accounts Payable Automation provides the integration and flexibility you need to optimize your payables process.

Infor AP Automation Benefits

Organizations that utilize Infor as their core ERP system can benefit from our AP Automation solution in a number of ways, including:

  • Eliminate/reduce time spent performing manual data entry
  • Realize “straight-through processing”
  • Capture more early payment discounts
  • Increase process visibility
  • Eliminate duplicate/late payments
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Automate the invoice process, allowing users to focus on exceptions
  • Reduce, reallocate, or defer resources
  • Establish a business continuity plan

Sales Order Automation for Infor ERPs

Your Infor ERP and your organization’s Sales Order procedure are tightly intertwined. Capturing orders, tracking them, and fulfilling them in a timely manner ensures that your customers are satisfied while also providing your organization with working capital to reinvest. By automating order processing and order management, your organization can create, approve, and fulfill orders more efficiently.

Infor Sales Order Automation Benefits

Organizations that process a large volume of orders can utilize Sales Order Automation to reduce errors and fulfillment time. You won’t just eliminate the need for manual order entry, but also:

  • Automate order entry
  • Ensure customer SLAs are met
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Eliminate duplicate orders
  • Increase process visibility
  • Eliminate order entry errors
  • Mitigate “document shuffle”
  • Superior management, oversight, and analytics of order process
  • Reduce, reallocate, or defer resources

Human Resources Automation for Infor ERPs

When it comes to Human Capital Management, your Infor ERP provides the foundation for all of your HR-related processes. Infor serves as the centralized system of record for your HR documentation, but it doesn’t eliminate the paper-based processes that HR administration depends on. With IntelliChief, you can automate HR-related procedures, such as onboarding, benefits eligibility tracking, employee, expense claims approvals, and more.

Infor HR Automation Benefits

Human Resources administration involves a lot of paperwork. From W2s to direct deposit forms to confidentiality agreements and more, your HR staff is constantly working through piles of paper. Infor HR Automation helps you streamline these processes, resulting in numerous benefits, including:

  • Set automatic reminders for HR tasks
  • Communicate more effectively with employees
  • Protect sensitive, personal information
  • Accelerate onboarding to secure top talent
  • Increase process visibility
  • Eliminate HR-related errors
  • Mitigate “document shuffle”
  • Superior management, oversight, and analytics of HR processes
  • Reduce, reallocate, or defer resources