Work Smarter with IntelliChief’s Customer Order Processing System

If your customer order processing system is too slow and time-consuming, IntelliChief can help. We offer a simple solution for multi-channel order management. With our best-in-class technologies, IntelliChief can collect, categorize, confirm, and route your customer orders – no matter how they arrive – with little to no effort from your team.

Faster, Easier Purchase Order Management

In today’s increasingly connected world, you likely receive customer orders through a variety of channels. There’s email and EDI to think about, plus traditional fax and the phone. You may even get the occasional order in the mail as well.

IntelliChief’s customer order processing system helps you collect and archive your orders as soon as they arrive. You’ll have a much more organized sales department – and a much faster order management process.

Customer Order Processing

Managing Email Orders

Instead of using individual email addresses to receive orders, you can add a specific email address (e.g.,, into IntelliChief to monitor. You could even set up multiple addresses for different order types, or divisions.  IntelliChief can instantly import the customer purchase orders as soon as they arrive in that inbox.

Managing Faxed Orders

We can monitor your fax network, too, for incoming orders. Our software can tell the difference between the different types of documents that you receive, too. That means that it’ll instantly add your customers’ purchase orders to your order processing queue while dealing with other documents – like contracts and invoices – separately.

Managing Mail Orders

When orders are sent in through the mail, you can scan them in using a traditional office scanner. IntelliChief uses built-in batch processing technologies, which means that large, multi-page order packets are no trouble at all.

Managing Phone Orders

When taking orders over the phone, some customer service reps enter the information directly into their ERP. Others take hand-written notes during the conversation, then transfer those notes into their ERP later on.

With IntelliChief, your customer service reps can fill out order forms while on the phone, then have our software read the form and import the information to create the sales order.

Managing EDI Reports

Orders placed through electronic data interchange go directly to your ERP, but you may still have supplemental data to deal with. IntelliChief can validate your EDI reports and confirm that each order is accurate before you start processing it. It can also collect payment information for streamlined bookkeeping.

Getting Customer Orders Into Your Order Management System

Once IntelliChief has captured your incoming purchase orders, it automatically imports them into your order management system. No more manual data entry means:

  • No more long lead times
  • No more data entry errors
  • No more manual routing

Before your team starts processing an order, our software checks to make sure all part numbers, prices, and quantities are correct. If there’s something that might delay the order, we’ll bring it to your attention right away.

Collaborative Customer Purchase Order Management

If you need to involve multiple internal departments in order, IntelliChief makes that easy as well. Our system lets you create custom workflows based on your current process.

With IntelliChief, you can archive all the documents related to a customer’s order, then give each internal department instant access to the files that they need. For instance, your credit managers can pull up a customer’s credit application, and your product managers can access engineering change orders. This way, everyone can handle their responsibilities right away, and nothing is accidentally delayed.

Our order management software can even notify your customers when each step is completed. From order acknowledgments to shipping confirmations, we keep your customers up-to-date.

To learn more about our automated approach to purchase order management, contact IntelliChief today. Or, to see our time-saving tools in action, request a custom demo of our customer order processing system.