Barcode Document Management Software

Automatically index incoming documents with feature-rich document capture and management

Barcodes are used on many different business documents — from invoices to bills of lading and more. They contain comprehensive information about the documents that they are assigned to, rendering them an invaluable component of any document management system. At IntelliChief, we offer an advanced barcode document management software system that can help streamline your approach to managing your paperwork.

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IntelliChief’s Barcode-Enabled Capture Tools

IntelliChief’s Barcode Module was specifically created for barcode document management. It reads embedded barcodes and helps you file your documents correctly based on the information they contain. From there, IntelliChief leverages Robotic Process Automation to automatically index your documents into IntelliChief while also linking all related documents together to show how a transaction was completed. For example, if you wanted to see all the invoices connected to a particular transaction, you could use the barcode to retrieve all related documents.

Barcode Document Management Software

IntelliChief Barcode Module Requirements

IntelliChief’s Barcode Module can be used with any version of the IntelliChief Base System. It is licensed per physical or virtual server and supports any number of environments that are running on that server. However, if you already use a scanning client that has a scanner or driver that supports barcode reading, you do not need to purchase a separate IntelliChief Barcode Module.

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IntelliChief’s Barcode Module is just one of the many advanced technologies that you can use to manage your digital documents. From the start, we help you customize a data capture solution based on your specific needs, helping you work faster and more efficiently. Then, as your business grows, your IntelliChief system can grow along with it, incorporating the newest and most accurate technologies for digital document management.

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