Enterprise Information Management Software: Comprehensive Solutions for Your Business Data

Enterprise information management puts your most important business data right at your fingertips. You’re able to make faster and more strategic decisions while eliminating repetitive processes that limit productivity.

With EIM software, you don’t have to manage your data manually. Automated solutions can find information on your original documents, then verify it for accuracy. Some programs can even send data to your ERP in real-time. It’s a faster, more efficient way to deal with your business data.

EIM: The Intersection of Content Management & Business Process Optimization

Enterprise information management combines two unique practices. There’s content management (the collection and organization of your business data), and process optimization (the re-purposing of that data to simplify repetitive tasks.) Both can enhance your organization – but they’re even more impactful when combined.

Collect, Archive, Structure, & Share Your Data

EIM software independently collects and organizes your data. Anyone in your company (with the appropriate permissions) can search for and view the information, from any location. Learn More

Use Your Data to Streamline Your Workflows

Share information across your business platforms, and automatically enter data into routine workflows. This lets your employees more easily collaborate on complex, data-driven projects. Learn More

With enterprise information management, your data is no longer a challenge for your back office. It’s a strategic resource that you can use across every department, process, and system. The result? Time – and money – saved across your entire organization.

The Benefits of Enterprise Content Management

According to Gartner, enterprise information management can lead to “substantially improved” business outcomes. And at IntelliChief, we’ve designed our solutions to improve several aspects of your business. You can:

SAP statistic enterprise information management


Our solutions start with an electronic document archive. This provides a convenient and secure way to consolidate your corporate content. OCR-driven data capture lets you verify and sync information, while workflow automation lets you make internal & external procedures more efficient. Add in business analytics tools, and you have a complete solution for managing information at every level of your business. You’ll have immediate answers to questions like “what is my lead time on made to order products”, and “what percentage of vendor discounts am I taking advantage of?”

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EIM is the foundation of a comprehensive information management plan. Our experts can help you put together the right strategy for your company.

With decades of experience, we understand the challenges that surround information management. IntelliChief offers strategic solutions for security, regulatory compliance, data quality, and system integration. We’ve helped hundreds of companies improve their corporate efficiency – and we’d love to do the same for you.

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