IntelliChief Support

At IntelliChief, we strive to provide our customers with responsive support that ensures their businesses maintain productivity and efficiency at all times. Our support team is undoubtedly the most experienced in the business, pulling from decades of ERP software experience, middleware integration, custom application configuration, and more. Whether you run a medium-sized business or manage operations for a large international corporation, IntelliChief understands how critical your enterprise content is to running your business. IntelliChief offers robust and responsive customer support through the IntelliChief Technical Support Center.

The IntelliChief Technical Support Center Is the Fastest Way to Get in Touch!

Report new issues and view your open tickets in one convenient location. Your request is automatically entered into our ticketing system and will be responded to within 1 hour during normal business hours.

You can also contact IntelliChief by email or phone by clicking on the links below. Please note that due to interruptions from COVID-19, we are recommending that all customers submit requests via the IntelliChief Technical Support Center to ensure timely service.

Other Support Options

Customers can also reach us by email or by phone. If your Technical Support Professional has asked to connect to your system remotely, please click on the “remote assistance” link below. You can also request an upgrade by clicking “request upgrade.”