Paperless Insurance

Gain control of your insurance-related documents with content management and process automation

IntelliChief document management solutions for paperless insurance management provides a quick and efficient alternative to manual document processing for Carriers, Financial Planners, and Benefits Managers in:

  • Property and Casualty
  • TPAs
  • Accounting and Back Office
  • Life and Health
  • Onboarding

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What Is Paperless Insurance?

Eliminating paper from your Insurance department is accomplished by connecting unstructured content with core business applications so you can give users access to critical documents directly from application screens. It eliminates paper-based challenges like storage, manual data entry, and lost or damaged documents with secure electronic files that pave the way for process automation in your Insurance department.

Imagine Claims processors, Customer Service Agents, and Underwriters being able to access documents associated with a transaction in real-time from almost any device. Whether in the field or in the home office, users can respond to stakeholders quickly without digging through file cabinets of paper. In addition, IntelliChief Workflow can ensure internal policies are enforced with all required steps in the process recorded.

Download Our Paperless Insurance Whitepapers

Want to learn more about the benefits of IntelliChief for your Insurance department? We’ve prepared three informational guides to help you determine whether IntelliChief is right for you. Click below for more information:

Download the Insurance Billing Spec Sheet:

Download our spec sheet on Insurance Billing and learn more about IntelliChief’s features and capabilities.

Download the Insurance Claims Spec Sheet:

Download our spec sheet on Insurance Claims and learn more about going paperless and reducing costs in your department.

Download the Insurance Policy Admin Spec Sheet:

Download our spec sheet on Insurance Policy Admins and learn more about reducing costs in your Insurance Policy Admins department.

Can Your Organization Benefit From Going Paperless?

Over the next decade, organizations will continue to transition from paper-based processes to electronic files and forms. Why wait? You can start your digital transformation today by going paperless in your Insurance department. Join hundreds of IntelliChief customers who have already experienced the benefits of going paperless firsthand, including lower processing costs, fewer errors, happier employees, and superior scalability.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from a paperless Insurance department, contact IntelliChief today.