Best Practices for Automated 3-way Matching, GL Coding and Vouchering in JD Edwards

Presented by Vance Talbot, Senior Account Executive, IntelliChief

One of the biggest challenges in AP is not just managing the sheer volume of invoices received daily but validating the line-item detail on each invoice, GL coding the information, and vouchering it for payment accurately in JD Edwards. The magic of AP Automation solutions is to automatically perform 3-way matching without manual intervention, but how exactly do you achieve the highest rate of straight-through-processing (STP) and processing efficiency when exceptions are encountered?  This is particularly difficult when the invoices you receive are overly complicated with multiple line detail or they are missing information.  Or even worse, when the AP invoices contain special charges (like freight surcharges) that are allocated differently depending on the supplier.

Join IntelliChief for an in-depth look at best practices to maximize STP and exception handling with Intelligent AP Automation.  In this lively 1-hour interactive session, we will cover:

  • Seeing hands-on why having a formal JDE integration is critical to improving the 3-way match process and vouchering invoices for payment
  • Showing examples of 3-way matching complex invoices and how they can be automatically validated, GL coded, and vouchered in JDE without human intervention in JDE
  • Illustrate how AP supervisors can manage the daily workload of the AP staff, including moving work between AP clerks in a snap
  • Highlighting best practices for AP Managers and Financial Executives to gain visibility into the AP process to review efficiency metrics and forecast future cash flow
  • Reviewing real-life examples on how to best handle 3-way matching challenges

Join us to learn how you too can address your biggest challenges in AP through Intelligent AP Automation.