File Management System

Organize, access, and distribute digital files from a single, integrated platform

File management is a familiar concept for most businesses, but when it comes to the underlying technology that helps them achieve file management success, figuring out the best approach can be a challenge.  Depending on your business, file management procedures could be relegated to a single, instructional document or rely on a suite of advanced software applications designed to organize and host digital data.

An effective file management system improves the overall function of all document-based business processes by keeping important data accessible, searchable, and secure. It’s arguably the first step in supporting a frictionless back-office.

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What Is a File Management System?

Does your business struggle with file maintenance and storage? If you still rely on paper files and physical storage, you might be surprised to learn about the detrimental effect your filing procedures have on workflow efficiency, customer experiences, and even the environment.

Electronic file management comes in all shapes and sizes. Some file management systems operate as standalone applications, or point solutions, performing strictly file-related tasks. These solutions are designed to help you gain control of your files by replacing them with digital replicas that can be saved to a secure system; however, they are less capable of taking on file processing tasks, such as onboarding or invoice reconciliation.

Ultimately, file management systems can be categorized as follows:

  1. File management systems without process automation capabilities
  2. File management systems with process automation capabilities

If you simply need to save electronic files for safe and secure access, the first option will work for you. If you want to eliminate steps in your process altogether or allow files to flow between different departments for processing, you will want to find a solution that features robust process automation capabilities.

Benefits of a File Management System

Regardless of the file management system you select, you will immediately recognize the difference it makes for your organization. Any file management system worth its salt will not only improve your ability to find and access files but also:

  • Restrict file access to permitted users only
  • Allow for conditional access based on custom criteria
  • Expedite file retrieval and review
  • Improve security with encryption
  • Eliminate the chances of a file being  lost, damaged, or destroyed
  • Support file management with analytics and reports

File management systems with process automation capabilities build on these features by offering additional functionality, including:

  • The ability to automate file-based workflows
  • The ability to automate document retention policies
  • The ability to automate unique processes linked to specific file types (i.e., P2P automation, O2C automation, and more)

Is a File Management System Right for Your Business?

Embracing file management is a wise decision for any business, but it doesn’t mean a file management system is the de facto way to go. Certainly, large companies that process a high volume of documents and files can quickly recoup their investment due to increases in efficiency and filing-related cost reductions, especially when it allows you to terminate off-site storage contracts and free up in-office real estate for innovative projects. That said, smaller companies might not be able to rationalize the cost of these systems when only dealing with a small number of files.

If your company needs advanced options for organizing, editing, and saving files, a file management system will help you achieve your goal, but if all of your files can be contained in a handful of filing cabinets, you might want to wait before you implement such as system. As a general rule of thumb, if your company has 200 or more employees, it can most likely benefit from a file management system.

Things to Consider During Your File Management Search

Since file management systems are all about ease of access, you want to make sure your system not only streamlines communication and document-related workflows but also expands the number of ways in which a file can be accessed. A system that allows users to access files from a mobile device effectively expands your office wherever your workers go. At home, in the field, or in a co-working space, your team needs around-the-clock access to your files to ensure that work-related tasks can be executed in a timely manner without limitations. Your ideal file management system will unlock this capability for you and your workers.

Manage Your Files Efficiently With IntelliChief

The IntelliChief enterprise content management (ECM) platform is the go-to solution for managing files in a way that works best for your business. With robust, configurable file management workflows and advanced process automation capabilities, there is virtually no limit to what you can accomplish using IntelliChief. From basic document storage and file retention to end-to-end automation for document-based processes, IntelliChief works the way you do, only faster and more accurately than ever before.

To learn more about our file management solutions that leverage our advanced content management and process automation platform, contact us today.