Michael Daebler

Michael Daebler – Vice President of Development

Michael Daebler is the Vice President of Development for IntelliChief. Mr. Daebler manages IntelliChief’s worldwide product development organization.

Mr. Daebler has spent over 20 years in the programming and development side of the technology industry. He possesses comprehensive technical capabilities in a variety of computing languages and was instrumental in laying the technical groundwork for IntelliChief™.

Prior to IntelliChief, Michael was Vice President of Development at Quadrant Software. He is one of the original architects of the first version of FastFax™.

Beginning his career in the computer industry as a programmer analyst, Mr. Daebler quickly gained proficiency in a variety of languages including: COBOL, EasyCoder Assembler, RPGII and C programming. Early on, he began to master the IBM System i (iSeries). His management experience began in 1985 as MIS Manager at MEDTAG. During his early years with Quadrant Software, Michael oversaw design, development, QA, technical support and shipping. He leveraged his knowledge of the System i (iSeries) both in development and in operation. Under his expert tutelage, Michael’s team disassembled printer data streams to fax all generated output from the System i (iSeries), and mastered all the internal components of the system to maximize its potential in the area of fax messaging.

Mr. Daebler holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from New Hampshire College and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Bentley College.

The FastFax™ trademark is the property of Quadrant Software, LLC

Michael Daebler