IntelliChief Animated Shorts

Explore IntelliChief Animated Shorts to learn more about how IntelliChief, the industry leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Workflow Automation helps businesses streamline processes, automate workflows, and cut costs. These brief, interactive videos explore IntelliChief features and functions. We’ve managed to pack a lot of information into these animated shorts, so if you have any questions about something you viewed in one of the videos below, please contact us.

IntelliChief: Automating Accounts Payable

IntelliChief: Accounts Payable Processing

IntelliChief: Automated Accounts Payable Workflows

IntelliChief: Electronic Document Storage

IntelliChief: AP Automation for PO Invoices

IntelliChief: AP Automation for Non-PO Invoice Processing

IntelliChief: Automated Sales Order Processing