View On-Demand – Automating Sales Order Processing with JD Edwards

You currently receive inbound orders from your customers. And you enter those orders in JD Edwards. But there is a lot more to it, much more to consider – what’s to gain by automating your Order to Cash process? How do you manage your customer orders and related shipping and billing documents? What processes and visibility do you have in place to control error rates on order fulfillment, lost orders, and DSO?

This 30-minute presentation overviews leveraging IntelliChief ECM in your Order to Cash process integrated with your JD Edwards application. Learn how inbound customer orders can be captured and processed without manual order entry, how workflow can be used to route orders for review and further processing, and how all documents related to a Customer transaction can be stored electronically. The beneficial result:

  • Faster, more accurate order processing that lowers the cost to process orders
  • More process control and visibility for orders needing to be routed for review, approval or other exception handling
  • Increased understanding and management of your Days Sales Outstanding
  • Greater Customer Service experiences for your customers, and for your staff managing each account.

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