IntelliChief Foundry Software for Faster Production and Shorter Lead Times

Metalworking may not seem like an industry that’s a prime candidate for technological advancements – but IntelliChief’s workflow automation software is helping high-performing foundries improve operations even further.

One such case? This US foundry cut their production lead time in half. They replaced their complex, manual workflows with automated ones – and immediately reaped the benefits.

They even sat down with Foundry Trade Journal to share more of their story. (You can access that here.)

Some of their key outcomes:

  • Less time spent on order processing. Considering that they ship 1.8 million tons of product each year, that’s a major improvement!
  • Less employee effort put into manual document review. Contracts, engineering change orders, and quality assurance documents were automatically routed & processed.
  • Less manual data entry. Like many foundries, they used a B&L ERP to stay organized – but were spending too much time syncing information between systems.

With software streamlining their back office, the foundry was also able to put an end to lost orders. That not only means more satisfied customers, but also more repeat business!

Want to see if those same benefits are possible for your foundry as well? Contact us today to learn more about our productivity-enhancing process automation software.