The Evolution of Process Control into Workflow

For many foundries and diecasters, melting and pouring metal into molds is the easy part of their jobs. Doing it efficiently is slightly harder – but training and experience prepares then to work through the difficulties of time and temperature.

Workflow Automation for Foundry

But one thing that confounds even some of the brightest metal-casters? How to keep their back offices running smoothly.

Capturing customer information, processing supplier invoices, providing customer support…all of this can be a challenge for a busy foundry. But IntelliChief makes it easier.

Our experts share some of their tips in an article at Foundry Manufacturing and Technology

Want to put those tips to good use? Let IntelliChief help you improve your foundry’s back office with a faster, more efficient approach to your metalworking workflows. Contact us today to talk with an expert about a custom solution.