AP Automation Justification Calculator for JD Edwards

ROI Calculator

Determining if AP automation is a project worth pursuing is primarily based on projected cost savings achievement. This is both a post-installation, near-term consideration, and one spanning subsequent fiscal year projections. While there are many industry average figures in circulation, they don’t provide you with accuracy based on your specific business environment.

The IntelliChief AP Automation ROI Calculator for JD Edwards

IntelliChief has created one, and it’s comprehensive. This tool’s objective is factoring all cost savings related to moving from manual to automated processing in your environment. It encompasses all aspects of AP processing, allowing you to add your related costs from years 1-5 of implementation, providing a true ROI projection. With this data, you’re able to see where AP Automation’s efficiencies affect your organization, providing guidance for process automation optimization when mapping your automated workflow, in-tandem with ECM system integration with your JD Edwards ERP for vendor and order information verifications and validations.

Required Information for AP Automation Justification Calculator for JD Edwards

In order for you to get a clear picture of where your company stands in relation to its ideal automation project, you will have to collect some important (and accurate) information to input into the calculator, including:

AP Statistics and Measurements

Covering aspects of invoice receipt modes, quantities, data capture methods, resource/storage/labor cost (internal and outsourced), late payment fees paid, and early pay discounts available.

Hard Dollar Costs

Quantifying budget allocated to manual processing.

Time Spent Per Person

Assessing appropriated time and cost of employee and contract staff in processing tasks, including invoice printing, ERP/business system keying, approval routing, exception handling, calculating data conversions, filing, resolving duplicate payments, researching internal and vendor inquires, audit preparation, tracking and reporting on all activities.

Justifying Your Automation Project

These extend from Accounts Payable into Purchasing and Receiving, encompassing labor cost of all workflow routes of transactional documentation.

Once these figures are collected and entered into JD Edwards, the Calculator progresses to both Hard Dollar Savings/Gains and Efficiency Savings for each year 1-5, per line item allocation, comparing your current costs to automation. This is the awakening – do the numbers equate the value of AP Automation for you?

Then calculations shift to ROI for AP Automation, measuring years’ 1-5’s returns if you implement an automated environment.

With these calculations completed, the AP Automation project decision becomes a clear choice, and equitable for prioritization. The data accumulated will be foundational for your business case.

For a video overview, see AP Automation Justification Calculator for JD Edwards here.

To order the free AP Automation Justification Calculator for JD Edwards, contact IntelliChief.

Doing JDE AP Automation the Integrated Way

Here’s how doing JDE AP Automation the integrated way works, processing of 2-way matching (Invoice to PO) and 3-way matching (Invoice to PO to Receiver) with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World.

Utilizing Oracle Gold Partner and Quest Oracle Community Sponsor IntelliChief ECM’s system, processing occurs in both initial document capture and in workflow, providing real time integrated JD Edwards database validations with automation’s speed and accuracy.

In-tandem with IntelliChief, information from JD Edwards is utilized to perform matching. IntelliChief keeps track of the PO quantity open and the Receiving quantity available by saving needed information when an Invoice line item is matched to a PO/Receiver. This can be set to identify by PO Number, Item Number/ID, Unit Price, Line Total, PO Quantity Ordered, Receiving Quantity, or two Miscellaneous fields of the user’s choice.

IntelliChief includes multiple Match Methods, where receiving quantity qualifies exact match, based on first in, first used, or a combination of both. It includes options for a Variance percent, amount and type for the Invoice to PO fields (Unit Price, Line Total, Quantity).

Matching features of Unit of Measure and Price normalization capability simplifies processing of standardized orders (Ordering Quantity vs. Invoiced Quantity). Part Number cross-referencing increases accuracy when obsolete numbers are referenced in the Invoice. Both increase touchless processing.

With IntelliChief, this touchless, straight-through processing significantly reduces information keying into JD Edwards, saving time and cost, enabling visibility to receive early payment discounts, while avoiding late payment fees.

This presentation illustrates doing JDE AP Automation the integrated way:

IntelliChief Presenting at Oracle Quest COLLABORATE 19

IntelliChief will be presenting at Oracle Quest COLLABORATE 19.

Our team will be presenting Oracle Advancing AP and Order Automation Abilities. Come learn how to:

About Oracle Quest Collaborate 19

COLLABORATE is an international congregation of JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite users.

This year’s event will be held from April 7-11, 2019 in San Antonio, TX.

We will be presenting on Wednesday, April 10th, from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm in Grand Hyatt Bonham E. We will also be holding demonstrations and discussions in the Exhibit Section, Booth 237.

Global Interconnectivity Workflow Automation

According to the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), the most important trend is manifesting global virtual workforces. The goal for companies: global interconnectivity workflow automation.

MAPI’s hit on a need spanning all business category – company staff utilizing available, affordable technology to continue their ability to unite each of their locations (and remote workers), increasing efficiencies towards achievement of a one-company environment.

Back-office workflow automation is an impactful capability to impact the global interconnectivity design. Its universal appeal is applicable to all organizations’ efforts to increase speed and lower cost, particularly in the functions of Accounts Payable and Order Processing.

Deloitte states workflow automation reducing business process costs by 30%. This accounts for interdepartmental staff time savings and accuracy improvements, with each transaction’s documentation being captured and organized, accessible and trackable throughout process lifecycles.

Workflow automation is powered by enterprise content management (ECM), software that enables lifecycle management of project and transaction documentation. It encompasses capturing paper and electronic documents in all forms and from all sources, identifying necessary information to populate integrated ERP and business system fields. It reduces or eliminates manual keying of data into systems, providing straight through processing, while validating accuracy among system databases. Once documentation is captured and organized, company process-specific workflow provides desktop and mobile accessibility for collaborative input and expedited approvals.

Ultimate ECM automation’s success is predicated with ability to integrate with any ERP/business system utilized within a company. This enables any department’s documentation capture, with each specific process mapped, creating an enterprise-encompassing environment of workflow automation without cumbersome infrastructure transformation. One ECM system for an entire organization’s needs, converting process based on business rules defined per department’s function.

ECM is best suited for organizations having geographically uniform processes and needing to reduce related cost to be more competitive and achieve a superior level of operational excellence. It accomplishes the global interconnectivity workflow automation objective, while creating economies of scale through higher ROI per expanded department and function.

Accounts Payable Automation Infor Solution Partner Use Case

Here’s a progressively diversified and impactful organization: a US-headquartered company with operations spanning North America and Europe, serving industrial growth markets that require advanced technology and high reliability. Their expansive client roster includes entities in aerospace and defense, factory automation, air and water quality environmental monitoring, electronics design and development, oceanographic research, deepwater oil and gas exploration and production, medical imaging and pharmaceutical research.

Here’s their Accounts Payable Automation Infor Solution Partner use case.

Making the Automation Choice

A reality of many companies became a burden to this organization as well: their processes were largely paper-based. They realized this as an opportunity to automate much of their back-office activities, enabling staff to focus on company advancements rather than time-consuming and costly manual operations.

After a year of multiple enterprise content management (ECM) vendor reviews and system vetting, IntelliChief was selected based on:

  • Enterprise expansion capability throughout their organization
  • Native Infor integration, and
  • Being an established Infor Solution Partner

“We were impressed with the way the IntelliChief system uses meta data so well; all documentation is instantly available as needed, conveniently organized by transaction,” stated the company’s Controller.

AP Automation: 2-Way, 3-Way (4-Way?) Matching

Their initial installation was with their Accounts Payable operations, spread globally and consolidated at their California headquarters. Being a particularly paper-intensive operation, reducing cost was the driving factor.

The company had a distinct motivator for automation – a cumbersome 4-way matching process consisting of Invoice to PO to Receiver to Quality Inspection Sheet. This forth component was a deciding factor in their ECM choice. “IntelliChief demonstrated the flexible capability to achieve our specific 4-way match, something other systems could not,” commented the Controller.

With the company having significant repeat vendor orders, this was an opportunity for IntelliChief to remove considerable time and cost from AP. They experienced a high straight-through processing rate; the majority being completely automated from document capture to workflow, a touchless environment where no ERP keying or other human interaction was needed. When exceptions occurred, IntelliChief’s rules-based business process automation workflow, mapped to their specific practices, enabled quick reviews and approvals.

The company utilized an AI aspect unique to IntelliChief: cross-referencing table algorithms to normalize data among systems, matching variables to maintain accuracy.

Previously, the company’s processing staff consisted of 3 full-time and one contract employee. With the IntelliChief system, that number had been reduced by half, freeing the others to concentrate on strategic operations.

Vendor fees were also reallocated. “An additional automation benefit was the elimination of both outsourced digital imaging and physical storage services, creating considerable cost savings ongoing,” their Controller relayed.

An unexpected advantage manifested in the independent audit function. “Being a multinational, multi-industry company, audits are frequent and time-consuming,” the Controller stated. “With IntelliChief, we’re able to provide access to all documentation auditors need digitally, allowing their teams to work remotely from anywhere in the world. They appreciate that flexibility.”

Expandable Automation

With enterprise expansion capability a key objective, Order Processing is the company’s next automation step. This will allow them to link each order’s documentation together from initial receipt to fulfillment, with each department involved having all needed details available to them, enabling collaboration through automated workflow. Customer Service’s benefit will be awareness of each order’s status in real-time.

Another planned endeavor is with the Purchasing department, setting-up a Vendor Portal to further automate transactions. This decision’s motivators were to provide an additional convenience for vendors, while saving them time and cost by reducing phone and email correspondence by consolidating communications (and archivable records) into IntelliChief.

“Being able to store all documentation in a single system is a true IntelliChief advantage, realized throughout our organization,” commented the Controller. “Having a centralized workflow and archival hub simplifies operations and information security.”

IntelliChief makes expanding its usage throughout their organization advantageous, and a simple task with the system’s native integrations coupled with Integration Link, the company’s code-free program connecting with any ERP or line-of-business system.

IntelliChief Implementation and Support – The Difference

Scarcely a reality in the software industry – system implementation and support that’s proactive, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with. That’s been the company’s experience with IntelliChief’s teams; a strong partnership formed quickly between them and IntelliChief’s staff. “IntelliChief’s Implementation team expertly configured the system to our specific processes mapping, and their Support staff has always been responsive and helpful. They make a difference – a real plus for us,” commented the Controller.

Justifying the Cost of an AP Automation Project for JD Edwards

How can you tell if AP automation makes sense for your business? To determine the financial impact that a project can have on your bottom line, you’ll need to consider:

IntelliChief can help you determine if these potential savings add up to a compelling ROI. On March 20, 2019, we’ll walk you through things you may not have considered – both in terms of up-front costs and long-term savings – and provide real-world financial stories from other JD Edwards customers.

Can’t make it? We can still help you calculate the ROI of an AP automation project; contact us today, and we’ll help you run the numbers.

IntelliChief Presenting at 2019 JD Edwards Southern California User Group Meeting

IntelliChief will be presenting at the JD Edwards Southern California User Group (SCUG) meeting on March 27th , 2019. The event will be held at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park, CA. Come for the expert insights, stay for the roller coaster rides!

You’ll be able to:

JD Edwards Advancing AP and Order Automation Abilities will show you to automatically validate your JDE-based data and create custom workflows that match your company’s specific processes. The result? Reduced operating costs, more accurate order processing, a lower DSO, and increased visibility into your reviews and approvals.

Unable to attend? Contact IntelliChief to learn more about our solutions for JDE.

IntelliChief Presenting at 2019 Oracle Southeastern Regional User Group

IntelliChief, an Oracle Gold Partner, will be presenting at the 2019 Oracle Southeastern Regional Users Group.

The meeting is scheduled for March 14th at MATRIX Resources in Atlanta.

Our presentation, Oracle Advancing AP and Order Automation Abilities, will show JD Edwards and PeopleSoft users how to:

We hope you see you there.

See IntelliChief at the JD Edwards Houston User Group on March 26th, 2019

IntelliChief will be presenting at the JD Edwards Houston Users Group on March 26, 2019.

Join us at the Hess Club to learn what’s new in the fields of:

Document capture and indexing:

Accounts Payable automation:

Sales Order automation:

We hope to see you there!

Accounts Payable Straight-Through Processing Cost Savings

Straight-Through Processing

The IntelliChief Capture Enterprise for AP Invoices solution allows your business to take advantage of Accounts Payable straight-through processing cost savings. It was designed from the ground up for organizations looking to automate their AP processes from start to finish. With IntelliChief, your company’s goals of eliminating manual ERP data keying, invoice matching, and voucher creation are finally attainable.

Invoices received as paper documents, email attachments, or other means are scanned or imported into Capture Enterprise. Then, information from the header, body, and footer of these invoices are extracted. Next, this information is verified and validated with the data stored in your ERP using database lookups, defined business rules, calculations, and confidence thresholds. The vendor associated with each invoice is automatically identified, and other critical pieces of information, including line items on single and multiple-page invoices, are processed.

IntelliChief offers Accounts Payable validations, such as mathematical calculations and automated two-way and three-way matching. Invoices that fail validations, fall below confidence thresholds, or fail the invoice matching process can be reviewed and resolved immediately or routed through your configured workflow for exception handling. Non-PO based invoices can be routed for GL coding and approval. After all invoice types have been fully matched, approved, coded, or otherwise resolved, the data extracted and validated via Capture Enterprise will be delivered for voucher creation within your ERP or financial application without any manual keying.

New invoice layouts are set up in minutes by AP professionals as they process invoices, resulting in reduced invoice processing costs and cycle times. Capture Enterprise users have reported more than a 50 percent reduction in invoice processing costs and over 75 percent straight-through processing on PO-based invoices. By drastically reducing invoice cycle times, organizations are positioned to take advantage of early pay vendor discounts or, at the very least, to begin negotiations that can lead to increasingly favorable terms suppliers. Without IntelliChief, it’s markedly more difficult to get these types of conversations off the ground.

Are you ready to learn more about Capture Enterprise, including the five stages required to automatically process documents as well as departmental application highlights? Click here to learn more.