SAP Accounts Payable Automation: Straight-Through Invoice Processing, General Ledger Coding, and Electronic Approvals

Accounts Payable automation lets you spend less time on invoice processing and payment in SAP. IntelliChief’s solutions are designed for seamless integration with Materials Management (MM), Financial Accounting (FI), and Project Systems (PS), helping you streamline the most repetitive parts of your procure-to-pay cycle.

Automated SAP Invoice Entry

Our software captures your incoming invoices as you receive them. (Invoices that you don’t receive electronically can be scanned in whenever you have the time.) OCR locates the information it needs to validate each purchase, and the data is sent straight to SAP. Your Accounts Payable team doesn’t have to manually post each invoice, spending valuable time collecting vendor codes, tax codes, and other routine details. Meanwhile, everything is updated in real-time – ensuring that your AP automation solution has access to the latest information in your ERP.

Invoice Verification in SAP

As IntelliChief sends your invoices to SAP, it cross-references the information you already have stored in your database to confirm that each charge is correct at the line level. Electronically ensuring that each invoice matches the corresponding purchase order and receipt, you can move away from manual invoice verification.

If there’s a discrepancy on an invoice, IntelliChief can help you resolve it. Our solutions can automatically:

  • Convert currencies and units of measure
  • Cross-reference part numbers (or create cross-references on the fly)
  • Code special charges, such as taxes and shipping fees, that aren’t included on your purchase orders

Any time you process an exception, our system learns what it should do the next time it encounters the issue. This helps you increase your straight-through processing rate, while reducing the amount of time you spend on exception handling.

Invoice Tolerance Preferences

In some cases, you may decide to automatically approve invoices that fall within a certain range of the purchase order. IntelliChief lets you use custom invoice tolerance settings in SAP to move invoices through to payment – or route them to a person for a manual review.

Immediate Distribution for Exception Handling

With automation, your Accounts Payable team only has to address invoices that have major irregularities. Our software can send invoices directly to the employees who are responsible for exception handling, using natural language prompts to tell them exactly what needs to be done. It can even escalate invoices after a certain amount of time, ensuring that there are no unnecessary delays in your payment cycle.

Invoice Coding & Approval Routing for Non-PO Invoices

Invoices that don’t have a corresponding purchase order need to be coded and approved before they can be paid. Our software can move your non-PO invoices through your approval routes, and your processors can easily categorize each purchase for your General Ledger – even if they don’t have direct access to SAP.

Improving Your Bottom Line with SAP Accounts Payable Automation

AP automation can help you lower your processing costs by as much as 80 percent. Repetitive work requires fewer resources, and you can spend more time on value-added tasks. Meanwhile, your Accounts Payable department can scale at a higher rate, processing more invoices in less time as your company grows.

Our customers also capture a higher percentage of early payment discounts – adding thousands of dollars to their bottom line each year. Late payment fees are routinely avoided, and supplier relationships are strengthened – all through a more strategic approach to AP.

Automating Other Workflows in SAP

IntelliChief’s AP Automation Module can integrate with your Accounts Payable system right out of the box, but our solutions can also be configured for use in Accounts Receivable, Customer Service, Order Processing, and other core departments. Our software can integrate with SAP’s CS (Customer Service), SD (Sales Order Processing), and HCM (Human Capital Management) modules, helping you eliminate repetitive work across your entire enterprise.

When you’re ready to start working smarter, we’re here to help. Contact IntelliChief to learn more, or request a demo of our SAP Accounts Payable automation solutions.