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    IntelliChief Sales Order Processing System

    ECM Tools to Help You Efficiently Manage Your Customer Orders

    IntelliChief’s sales order processing system can help you distribute your products more efficiently. Our solutions let you instantly convert purchase orders to sales orders, distribute them to the right teams, and track each transaction – without having to complete each of these steps manually. It’s a much faster – and smarter – solution for order management.

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    Speed Up Your Order Processing Cycle

    A slow order processing cycle often means long lead times, frustrated customers, and cash flow problems. But that doesn’t have to be the status quo. With IntelliChief, you can send out products as quickly as possible, earn more repeat business, and improve your bottom line.

    Convert Purchase Orders to Sales Orders

    IntelliChief monitors your communication channels for incoming purchase orders. Advanced OCR technologies scan each document and matches the details to the information you already have saved to your business system (like sales quotes or RFPs.) Then, our software electronically converts the purchase order to a sales order, and sends the information to the appropriate departments for processing.

    Create New Transactions in Your Order Management Software

    Once the order is confirmed, IntelliChief creates a new transaction in your ERP. Your employees don’t have to waste time manually typing data into your sales order processing system, and you don’t have to worry about details being entered incorrectly.

    Automated order processing also confirms that your customers get exactly what they purchased, every single time. Your Customer Service team won’t have to deal with preventable disputes, and you’ll develop a reputation for accuracy and reliability.

    Track All Your Orders From a Single Platform

    IntelliChief makes it easy to see the status of every order – from every channel – in one place. It automatically creates an archive of all your transaction-related documents, from order acknowledgments to shipment notifications and delivery receipts. And, with each new transaction automatically moved into your processing workflow, you reduce the chances of an order being lost or delayed.

    Other Benefits of Sales Order Automation

    Our sales order processing system can provide:

    • Shorter lead times
    • Less manual data entry
    • Higher-volume order processing capabilities
    • Shorter days sales outstanding
    • A stronger cash flow

    The more transactions you complete, the more time you’ll save. Similarly, the more complex your fulfillment process, the more you’ll be able to speed things up.

    Here’s an example:

    If you have an assistant collect purchase orders from your mailroom, then deliver the forms to a customer service representative, who enters them into your ERP and eventually tells your warehouse to get started on fulfillment, IntelliChief can make your workflow significantly faster.

    Our sales order processing system lets you create custom workflows. You can streamline your O2C process from end to end – even if your orders move through multiple departments (like Finance, Production, and Quality Assurance) as they’re processed. You can even set electronic reminders to keep everyone on track.

    Even though you’re updating the way you do business, your customers don’t have to. Unlike other order processing solutions, which require customers to convert to costly EDI, IntelliChief can process documents that arrive in any format. It’s a perfect way to merge your long-standing business practices with more modern technologies.

    Is Sales Order Automation Right for You?

    Our order processing solutions are specifically designed for high-volume organizations. Built for the enterprise, they’re perfect for made-to-order manufacturers, process manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, transportation and logistics companies, and other corporations with a large customer base.

    It doesn’t matter what order processing platform you currently use; IntelliChief can integrate with any ERP or line of business system.

    Our experts have completed thousands of integrations. They’ve worked with the largest sales order processing solutions – like Oracle, JD Edwards, and SAP – as well as much smaller programs and even custom-coded software. Using our technical expertise to your advantage, we’ll make sure your implementation is simple and stress-free.

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    Upgrading your technologies is always a significant undertaking. But with IntelliChief, your project is in capable hands. Our team can help you start working smarter – and it all starts with a custom demo.

    Contact us today to see our sales order processing system in action, or visit our Resource Library to see how other companies have improved their order to cash cycle with IntelliChief.