Sales Order Management

The best enterprise-class automation solution for Sales Order Processing

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company or some hybrid in-between, processing orders timely and accurately is paramount to your success. Best-in-class companies choose to utilize automation for their sales order process to transform the manual entry process of entering orders into your ERP system into a touchless system where orders are processed into your ERP system as a touchless, digital process, eliminating data entry and errors while vastly improving the speed at which you process orders.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry of Sales Orders

In a competitive climate, companies cannot afford to have staff spending countless hours each day performing manual, data entry tasks. It’s error-prone, inefficient, and can impact your company’s bottom line. With IntelliChief’s sales order processing automation tools, companies can:

  • Eliminate manual, paper-based processes that slow down the entry of orders
  • Easily track their orders from receipt through fulfillment
  • Create touchless order entry and validate each line item on an order
  • Reduce the overall cost of sales administration by eliminating human intervention by up to 90%
  • Free up team members to be more productive
  • Use workflow automation to enforce business rules such as credit check

Increase Efficiency with Sales Order Processing

With IntelliChief’s sales order automation tools, you can move your products out the door more quickly with fewer errors, no matter your industry.  From specialty manufacturers with complex made-to-order processes to distributors who rely on speed and accuracy in fulfillment, sales order automation can improve how you process your sales orders. Our intelligent tools expeditiously process your orders by eliminating the bottleneck in your order process by eliminating manual data entry with efficient and accurate touchless transactions.  Some of the benefits you’ll see with sales order automation are:

  • Eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks and errors caused by manual data entry
  • Create custom business-specific workflows for credit checks and order approvals
  • Enforce order processing rules for accurate processing within your ERP system
  • Streamline exception handling for faster conflict resolution
  • Simplify and digitize internal routing to key departments such as credit, estimating, engineering/production, quality, and more
  • Easily handle batch orders without human intervention
  • Maintain better control over your sales administration with complete management visibility and tracking of all orders, including escalation timers for delayed orders
  • In a nutshell, eliminate manual data entry and reduce sales order processing time by 50 percent or more to improve your business

All Important Documents Are At Your Fingertips

IntelliChief sales order management tools include a digital repository allowing companies to create an order jacket for all the important documents associated with a sales order including purchase order, order confirmation, engineering drawings, shipping document, production change orders, invoices, statements, and more.

With IntelliChief sales order automation, users and management teams get user-friendly dashboards to help monitor the entire processing of an order from receipt through fulfillment and even payment receipt. You have complete visibility to when each order was captured, track routing to various departments, identify approvers, and glean valuable insights to help you refine and streamline your process. With this information at their fingertips, your customer service team can become customer advocates, providing valuable communications and feedback to customers on the status of their orders, improving your level of customer satisfaction.

Ready to find out how sales order automation can improve the way you process orders? Contact IntelliChief to learn more, or to request a custom demo of our order to cash automation software.