SAP RPA Software: Robotic Process Automation Tools for Your ERP

Robotic process automation, or RPA, can transform the way you use SAP. Instead of spending hours on routine tasks, like matching invoices to purchase orders or processing sales orders, you can automate this work with machine-learning software. The result? Less time spent on administrative processes, and more time to focus on strategic growth.

What is SAP Robotics?

Robotics help you complete routine tasks with technology. Computers “learn” how you use your ERP, then repeat that approach independently.

SAP automation centers around several key technologies. Optical character recognition software, data matching tools, and machine-learning algorithms all make it possible to complete rule-based processes with minimal effort. They also allow computers to complete routine tasks faster and more accurately.


Of course, there are some instances where you’ll need to step in. For instance, the very first time a program encounters a new type of data, you’ll need to let it know what that data is. But many RPA solutions are capable of remembering your input for similar purposes in the future.

The Benefits of Robotic Process Automation for SAP

You can use RPA for almost anything you do in SAP. Validating your Accounts Payable invoices and paying suppliers for purchases? Done in minutes. Creating invoices and sending them to customers? No longer a challenge. Almost any data-driven process is a good candidate for automation. (Even better if it’s a process you repeat several times a day.)

Used strategically, SAP process automation can help you achieve:

  • Faster procure-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles
  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher straight-through processing rates
  • Increased accuracy

RPA tools also allow you to keep up with increasing workloads – without hiring additional SAP data entry associates or transaction processors. As your company grows, you can delegate more and more work to your robots. Meanwhile, your current employees can focus on other important initiatives, with greater freedom and flexibility to improve your business.

SAP Automation Made Easy

At IntelliChief, we’ve designed comprehensive business process automation tools for SAP. Our solutions can integrate with any SAP software suite, including Finance & Accounting, Sales & Distribution, and Materials Management. They can even help you with human capital management.

So how do they work?

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise automatically collects information from your paper documents, then imports that information into SAP. You don’t need to manually enter your data. And, because you can trust that the information is entered properly the first time around, you don’t have to worry about correcting errors in the future.

Once your data is collected and saved, it can be used to complete corresponding tasks. For instance, IntelliChief’s RPA software can process invoices, create sales orders, and generate customer invoices – and it can often do so without user input.  Working behind the scenes, it can compare multiple data fields, complete forms, note exceptions for review, and even send documents to other users for approval. It’s a much faster – and much more efficient – way to use SAP.

Fast, Simple Integration with Your ERP

With IntelliChief, integration is simple. Our process automation tools can integrate with SAP enterprise software right out of the box. And, our software is designed to exceed all of SAP’s RPA security recommendations. Your company’s data is always protected.

To see our robotic process automation software in action, contact us today. Our experts can answer any questions you might have about RPA for SAP or customize a demo of IntelliChief for your company’s specific needs.