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Smith & Wesson Review of IntelliChief

Areas of Implementation: Accounts Payable, Distribution, Customer Service

“The system [IntelliChief] tells you every time someone has touched an invoice. It tells you who touched it, what they did with it and what its status is.”
Lisa Reda, Assistant Controller

“It’s become a nice business tool for our field sales reps so they know exactly what’s happening instantaneously.

“With IntelliChief, we can bypass the fax machine in terms of a hard copy and have the documents sent right into an inbox in IntelliChief, where we can see every order coming in.

“If somebody’s out, we don’t have to worry about orders piling up on somebody’s desk. They’re in the system [IntelliChief] where another person can do it or assign it to another order processor.”
Neil Gibree, Director of Distribution

“This [IntelliChief] has saved us not only large amounts of paper, but also postage. It also saves a great deal of time.

“Once they’re [customers] in the system, with an e-mail address or fax number, we can send the documents to our customers and vendors automatically, every night.”
Marc St. George, IT Director

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High Point Furniture Review of IntelliChief

Areas of Implementation: Accounts Payable, Order Processing

“We have now 3 sets of hands instead of 7 and we always know exactly where the order is…IntelliChief cut the order process time in half.”
Amanda Lewis, Customer Service

“They [the CEO and CFO] didn’t want to see any soft dollars…We were able to show there were big savings [with IntelliChief], which could be used to improve profitability and services, and those were hard dollars.

“The idea of not having paper anymore for some people was difficult to overcome… They [associates now] understand [document imaging] is a real advantage on how we serve our customers and that’s our competitive advantage.”
Elaine Handley, Accounting Manager

“With IntelliChief, they [the invoices] just wait to be matched up against the receiver, as if they were saying ‘Hey, here we are!’ It’s a tremendous timesaver…”
Crystal Delgado, Accounts Payable Associate

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Sperian Protection (Honeywell Safety Products) Review of IntelliChief

Areas of Implementation: Accounts Payable, Order Processing

“This [paperless solution] has really expanded our business beyond the boundaries of our office walls.

“With IntelliChief capabilites, an acknowledgement is electronically sent back to the account that indicates that their order has been processed and when the order will ship. When the order actually ships, an invoice is then electronically sent to the account, which helps speed up our time of collection and improve our cash flow.

“We have it [IntelliChief] set up so there’s a pass-off between the offices. And at any time of the day, we all have visibility into one another’s inboxes, so if there’s a rash of orders at either office, we can pass them off to another to assist in processing them.”
-Bob Varney, Director of Customer Care

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Landoll Corporation Review of IntelliChief

Areas of Implementation: Accounts Payable, Sales and Order Processing, Invoicing, Collections

“I decided we had to develop a paperless business model. The point to be made is this: Buyers should be focusing on the buying process, developing quality vendors with the ability to deliver products on time at competitive prices, not shuffling paper.

“In the past, we used 15 filing cabinets (current documents) and a warehouse (past documents) to store our purchasing documents in. Presently, [with IntelliChief] we have no filing cabinets nor are we moving any files to the warehouse.”
John C. Schmidt, Group Purchasing Manager

“IntelliChief allowed us to move from duplicate printed checks to laser cut checks that are archived in IntelliChief, giving us substantial cost savings.

“The electronic check form is electronically matched against the vendor number and the Purchase Order, and archived in IntelliChief, automating and replacing what we did by hand.”
Susan Slater, AP Supervisor

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Pacific Steel Casting Company Review of IntelliChief

Areas of Implementation: Accounts Payable, Shipping, Customer Service

“The best part is that all document history is stored in IntelliChief making it very easy to see who did what and when.”

“IntelliChief has really streamlined the invoice matching process and this means that invoices are getting paid faster. And because of this, we’re benefiting from discounts for the first time in our 70+ year history.

“The IntelliChief search function is very good. Whether the documents are linked to BLIS or they’re stand alone items created within IntelliChief, the system makes it very easy to search for documents and access them right away.”
Jennifer Freeman, Database Administrator

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Curt Manufacturing Review of IntelliChief

Areas of Implementation: Forms Production

“The good thing is that our new process [using Infor Formtastic] of creating custom pack slips happens very quickly, to the point where our associates hit the enter button, walk to the printer, and out comes the pack slip, no standing around waiting.

“During the initial training, it became obvious that Infor Formtastic’s functionality was clear and easy to understand, to the point where the entry level person who runs the development process was able to quickly pick up on it and take ownership to make it all happen.

“To me, the very welcomed part of this effort was the fact that [our supplier] listened and came through with the functionality that we required when we needed it.”
Tim Hau, Director of Information Technology

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NB Handy Review of IntelliChief

Areas of Implementation: Accounts Payable

“Now that invoice is captured electronically in IntelliChief and users can simply pull up invoices themselves through Mincron’s Invoice Inquiry screen. This integration between IntelliChief and Mincron was really a key benefit for us.

“We have a computer set for the auditors. They type in the invoice number in IntelliChief to pull up the image and they see what they need. [With IntelliChief] It’s less work for us and much faster for them.”
Angela Isaacs, VP of Information Systems

“Now [with IntelliChief], we can just move them [invoices] over to IntelliChief without having to print them…It has drastically cut down on processing time.”
Sherry Franklin, Accounts Payable

“… Now that we have the integration with IntelliChief, we can provide a one-vendor solution for our users’ paperless needs. This provides more cost saving options to our customers, helps them with their green initiatives, and falls in line with our commitment to satisfy the needs of our clients.”
Ian Bendelow, CEO, Mincron

“Our goal has always been to provide the rental industry with tools that will enable them to become more productive and improve customer service. Having one partner for all our document management and distribution needs is critical.”
Mike Stilwagner, VP of Sales and Marketing, Wynne Systems

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