Document Retention Made Easy With Retention Manager


Records retention is an integral component of information governance that all businesses are forced to comply with. Let’s face it, your company is required to maintain a large volume of records for predetermined periods of time. Everything from financial statements to invoices and personnel files must be stored in a secure environment where they can be retrieved as needed; otherwise, it could lead to noncompliance with HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and other information governance laws and regulations.

Records Retention Policy Compliance

Regulatory bodies have established unique rules and regulations for dealing with records retention, and there’s hardly any consistency from one type of document to the next. For example, purchase orders should be saved for one year or more, employee personnel records for at least three years, and invoices for a minimum of seven years. Failure to comply with these highly specific document retention policies could be detrimental to your business, but managing physical documents exposes your business to a litany of potential filing mishaps.

Whether a document needs to be kept permanently or for a particular time frame, ensuring that your documents are properly stored and accessible for on-demand retrieval is essential to maintaining compliance. Keep in mind that your company’s records retention policy may be different than those mandated by regulatory bodies.

Automate Your Retention Policy With IntelliChief’s Retention Manager

Your company’s document retention policy plays an important yet oftentimes understated role in the overall success of your company. Lost and missing documents are common in paper-based filing systems where all it takes is one lost document to serve as the catalyst for a compliance issue. Companies that handle several types of documents need to invest in training that helps employees commit all of these policies to memory.

With Retention Manager, IntelliChief can create a unique document retention policy for each type of document. For there, the system automatically enforces it, creating a more consistent and routine approach to information governance that doesn’t expose your documents to mishandling or human error.

Keeping Up With Your Company’s Unique Retention Needs

Retention Manager continually monitors your repository for documents that meet predetermined criteria. It can determine what to do with each expired record in accordance with your unique business rules. Not only does this help to streamline information governance for your business but it also helps you reduce back-office clutter.

Furthermore, it allows your business to create custom user permissions for viewing, editing, and deleting your purge policy. If your company changes its retention policy, you can update Retention Manager to reflect these changes without a drop in coverage. In addition to approving and holding documents, it can also release other users’ documents from the hold queue.

Information Governance Streamlined

It also lets you decide how frequently you would like to schedule a clean-up as well as how you would like to notify users that a document is pending their review. These features make compliance with corporate, federal, and industry-specific document retention policies a breeze. If a single document needs to be cross-referenced against multiple layers of compliance before an action is taken, IntelliChief’s Retention Manager can identify the document, process its information, apply the relevant business rules, and determine what to do with the document without one of your employees ever opening a single file cabinet.

Are you ready for a smarter, more scalable approach to document retention? We can help you design a solution that incorporates your unique corporate policies and procedures into a seamless integration with your IntelliChief content management system.

If you would like to learn more about how IntelliChief’s Retention Manager can help you streamline your business processes and save money, please contact us today.