A Paperless Purchase Order System for An Evolving Workplace

Your business isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago – so why are you still using a paper-based purchase order system? IntelliChief’s easy-to-use software helps you modernize your purchase order procedures. This gives your employees the freedom to focus on more value-added tasks and helps your company reallocate their most important resources.

Work Faster and Smarter With Electronic Purchase Order Tracking

Purchase Order System

There’s no reason that your employees should have to leave their desks, head to a filing cabinet, and manually search for a purchase order when they need it. Our automated accounts payable solutions can do all of this in an instant, right from your existing ERP. It’s a faster, simpler approach to purchase order management.

Getting purchase orders into the IntelliChief system takes just seconds. The IntelliChief system can automatically convert emails, faxes, and printed paperwork into digital documents. It can even integrate with your ERP system to capture purchase orders the moment they’re created.

Once archived, your digital purchase orders are searchable in seconds. They can also be presented with corresponding order acknowledgements, invoices, receipts and payments. If a billing or shipping discrepancy ever occurs, your purchasing department can instantly pinpoint the source of the error and contact the vendor.

Purchase Order Management Software for More Intuitive Workflows

When IntelliChief matches and validates a PO-based invoice, the document can be processed “straight through,” without any input from your team. If an error is detected – like a discrepancy between a purchase order and a receipt – IntelliChief can route the corresponding documents to a specific employee for exception handling.

IntelliChief’s purchase order system can also: Automate two- and three-way matching for purchase order-based invoices
Electronically create vouchers for all invoice types

No Purchase Order? No Problem.

Not every purchase has a corresponding purchase order – and that’s fine. IntelliChief’s purchasing system works with non-purchase-order transactions as well. When your employees submit non-purchase-order backup documentation to your accounts payable team, IntelliChief can keep all the corresponding paperwork in once place.

IntelliChief can also automatically import data from your non-PO invoices, eliminating time-consuming data entry and allowing general ledger coding automation to be executed by a single person. Approval signatures can even be added electronically, making the process even more straightforward.

Ready to update your purchase order process? Contact IntelliChief today. We can show you how our automated purchase order system can help you save both time and money across your organization.