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Automated Purchase Order System

Accelerate Requisitions, Approvals, and Payments

IntelliChief makes procurement easy. Our purchase order system can automate the most time-consuming steps in your current process, streamlining everything from requisitions to approvals and payments.

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Electronically Send Requisition Forms to Your Procurement Department

As you create new requisition documents, IntelliChief can electronically route them through your internal approval chain. Instead of printing out each spend authorization request, sending it to the corresponding managers, and eventually delivering it to procurement, our purchase requisition system can complete these steps automatically to greatly increase the mobility of electronic forms.

If you have a large volume of purchases that need to be managed or your approval process is complex or multi-faceted, our software can be configured to align with your exact needs to ensure that every form is received and routed to its intended location as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With IntelliChief, your procurement team can see which products are being requested, which employee created the requisition (and when), and the total cost — from any computer or mobile device. Even if you’re sending your documents to separate departments or locations, our purchase order system keeps the entire process on track.

Automatically Create Purchase Orders Based on Your Requisition Documents

Once you’ve approved a purchase, IntelliChief can use the information from the requisition form to create an electronic purchase order in your ERP. It’s designed to integrate with any software that you use for procurement, such as Infor Supply Chain Management or SAP MM.

Our purchase order system automatically validates your supplier information, payment information, delivery address, and of course, individual products and prices. Purchase order automation lets you spend less time on manual data entry — and more time evaluating suppliers and negotiating contracts.

Our solutions also make your procurement process much more accurate. Because you’re not creating each PO by hand, you don’t need to worry about entering incorrect information. Plus, storing all your records on a single platform also helps you prevent duplicate purchases. IntelliChief offers a reliable way to prevent inventory issues without the need for sweeping changes to your current process.

Internally Approve Your Purchase Orders

As soon as you have a completed purchase order, you can start moving it through your organization for approval. Our software can electronically route your documents to the right individuals, speeding up your purchase order process by 50 percent or more. For instance, you can have routine purchases handled by your department managers, while routing high-dollar transactions to your Operations Manager or CFO.

IntelliChief makes it easy to design custom workflows based on your business’s approval hierarchies. If an order is approved, you can continue moving it through your company. If it’s declined, you can make any necessary changes and try again. When an approver is out of the office, their purchase orders can be sent to a colleague to prevent delays.

As your employees review their purchasing requests, they can electronically access supporting documentation, such as supplier proposals and contracts. Our purchase order system keeps everything neatly organized and instantly available.

Send Your Purchase Orders Directly to Your Vendors

Once it’s time to officially place your order, our solutions can send out your purchase orders to your suppliers — without the use of EDI.

Our software can automatically look up the communication preferences of any supplier you have saved in your ERP. If they accept purchase orders via email, IntelliChief can send out your request as soon as it’s internally approved.

Track and Manage Order Confirmations and Receipts

Our software keeps all your information in one place, providing a simple solution for purchase order management.

You can see where each order is – and where delays occur – to monitor your supply chain and prepare for upcoming payments. You can also use our custom reporting platform to collect metrics for your entire procurement department.

As each order is filled, any new documents – such as purchase order confirmations – are automatically saved to your archive. You can look up any information you need, right from your purchasing software or line of business system. Comprehensive search solutions let you find documents by supplier name, purchase order number, or date.

Using our software as a record-keeping platform also helps you provide comprehensive “paper trails” in the event of a future audit. You have complete documentation for every transaction, verifying the details of every purchase.

Automated Purchase Order System

Automatically Match Your Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices, and Receipts

Once you’ve received your inventory, our solutions can help you match each purchase order with the corresponding invoice and receipt, then voucher the invoice for payment. When your Accounts Payable team doesn’t have to process your documents by hand, you can close out your transactions more quickly – and capture a higher percentage of early payment discounts.

Resolving Purchase Order Discrepancies

When an invoice doesn’t match your original purchase order, your employees are informed right away. Our purchase order system can detect simple issues, such as unit of measure conversions, and resolve them on its own – but when there’s a more complicated discrepancy, your employees can easily locate the issue and process it right away. With a detailed record of what you agreed to purchase (and at what price), our solutions make dispute resolution simple.

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With strategic purchase order automation, more companies are streamlining their procure-to-pay processes. Fewer resources are wasted on time-consuming administration, and more efficient processes translate to an improved bottom line.

When you’re ready to handle procurement more efficiently, we’re here to help. Contact IntelliChief today to learn more about our electronic purchase order system, or request a demo to see our solutions in action.