Document Imaging and Scanning Software

Document imaging and scanning is the heart of IntelliChief’s approach to ECM. Our capture software allows you to transform paper documents, faxes, and emails into electronic images that users can later find and retrieve.

Eliminate Paper with IntelliChief’s Document Imaging System

CaptureMost offices deal with hundreds of documents on a daily basis.

The typical process?

Invoices, purchase orders, statements, and notices are received, sorted out in the mail room, delivered to the appropriate employee, and eventually processed when time permits. When they need to be approved, they’re manually routed from one person to the next. But, this process is prone to delays. Some documents get lost for weeks – or even months.

This is where IntelliChief can help. Our document imaging and scanning software immediately routes paperwork to the appropriate person or department for approval. This is done as soon as each document is received – and with minimal effort from your team.

The result? Automating your document management workflow gives your employees immediate access to all of the documents they need. And, paper files and filing cabinets are no longer needed. Once the imaging & scanning capture process is complete, your documents will be stored as electronic images, at which point they can be searched for and retrieved at any time.

Discover IntelliChief’s ERP-Integrated Document Imaging Solutions

If you’re already using an enterprise resource management system, IntelliChief can instantly transmit information from your newly-scanned documents into your ERP. No re-keying required!

To learn more about our document imaging and scanning solutions, contact us today.