A Business Process Automation System Designed for Manufacturing and Distribution Administration

Process automation is a reliable way to reduce manufacturing costs and increase production. But automation isn’t just for product assembly and operations – it’s also capable of streamlining back-office administration.

IntelliChief’s business process automation system takes the repetitive work out of supply chain management (as well as order processing and customer service). Our software can handle your most time-consuming tasks behind the scenes, giving you more resources to allocate to production and growth.

Benefits of a Process Automation System

If you’re already using a process automation system for your manufacturing operations, you’ll be able to extend the same benefits – like faster workflows, lower operating costs, and greater accuracy – to other parts of your business. And if you’re new to automation? We’ll show you just how powerful a custom solution can be.

Why Automate Your Back Office?

Our process automation software is designed to eliminate redundant work – like having your employees log in and out of disparate business systems, collect information from your paperwork and enter it into your ERP, or look up individual transactions by hand. Administrative workflows become faster and more intuitive – and your entire business becomes much more efficient.

As your business grows, technology helps you keep pace. Our solutions let you handle an increased volume of administrative responsibilities – without having to expand your team. (As you add new locations and business units, they can benefit as well.)

Plus, workflow automation makes you more accurate. With computerized technologies completing high-volume tasks, you don’t have to worry about human error. Your business data is always up to date, and typos are a thing of the past.

Pay Suppliers, Process Orders & Send Shipment Notifications With IntelliChief’s Robotic Process Automation System

IntelliChief is designed to simplify your back-office administration. We offer solutions for:

Because these processes are built on repetitive tasks – like cross-referencing documents and manually entering data – they’re a perfect candidate for robotic automation.

Custom Solutions for One-of-a-Kind Business Processes

Our solutions can accommodate even the most complex workflows. Whether you need to accommodate multi-department routing, remote approvals, or custom exception handling, we make it easy to automate your business processes.

Process Workflow


Our process automation system is easy to customize – even for users without any technical experience. You can create new rules (or change existing ones) without any coding. If you’d prefer expert help, we’re there whenever you need us – with solutions and technologies that you can use across your entire business.

IntelliChief can integrate with any other solutions or platforms you already use. (We offer robotic process automation solutions for Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, and Infor, along with other smaller and custom line of business systems.) If you already have workflows built out in your ERP, you can still keep everything in place- we’ll customize everything on our end. IntelliChief can connect and sync your individual tools, allowing you use your data across your entire organization.

Discover IntelliChief’s Business Process Automation System & Start Improving Your Workflows

With more than a decade of experience in process optimization, our team can provide you with a reliable solution that’s ready to go from day one. To learn more, contact us today. We’ve helped companies across a number of industries – including manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and more – and we’d love to do the same for you.

Want to see our business process automation system in action? Request a custom demo here. Our team can show you in real time how our custom workflow software can help you transform your business.