The Power of Parallel Workflow – Being Everywhere at Once

Throughout your organization, there are many different people who need access to your project & transactional data.

That’s a positive thing –  a sign of progressive operations. But do you have a way to give all of these people access, all at once?

You already know how helpful it can be to automate your process workflows. There’s cost savings, time savings, and increased visibility. But what if you could increase those benefits but letting multiple people access your documents all at once?

With IntelliChief, you now have the ability to let different people, across different workflow paths, access the same documentation that’s being accessed by their colleagues. And, that coinciding data can be shared across multiple team members, eliminating duplicate effort and hold-ups.

Streamlined simultaneous access lets you complete projects faster than ever before – and used in conjunction with our mapped business process automation, it’s a level of efficiency that’s never been possible before.

You can even let different employees access your documentation through different ways – e.g., desktop for your in-office AP processors, and mobile for your on-the-go sales reps.

You’ll benefit from the power of parallel workflow.

To see the new parallel processing features in action with IntelliChief ECM, request a demo here.