Paperless Process Management Solutions

IntelliChief Paperless Process Management ECM solutions capture digital files as well as transforms paper documents into electronic format for easy access throughout each project and transaction’s life cycle. From each file’s creation, workflow distribution and archival, IntelliChief automates business processes for cohesive document management throughout interdepartmental usage.

IntelliChief’s experience and expertise starts with Accounts Payable Automation and Order to Cash Automation. It expands to additional interdepartmental document capture and process configured workflow, enhancing collaboration while saving considerable time and cost throughout your organization.

User Departments

Paperless Process Management (PPM) eliminates paper, reduces costs, and improves your business processes. It’s automation of document imaging, multi-departmental workflow, enterprise faxing, emailing, electronic forms and forms processing technologies working together in an end-to-end solution tailored for each of your company’s unique departmental needs. Output Management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Document Distribution… these are all subsets of PPM, an advanced, comprehensive approach to eliminating paper in your company while optimizing process and workflow visibility throughout your organization.

Ideal Products

Integrating with any enterprise resource planning system (ERP), IntelliChief’s Paperless Process Management advances the entire enterprise content management spectrum: automating imaging & scanning, document capture & forms processing (OCR, ICR, OMR), output management, interdepartmental workflow and mobile integration. These comprehensive capabilities manifest time and cost savings you’ll notice daily and continuously.