IntelliChief’s Oracle Content Management System Lets You Store & Retrieve Documents, Sync Your Enterprise Data, and Automate Your Workflows

You use your ERP to manage your business more efficiently – but importing all of your information can be a drain on your company’s resources. IntelliChief’s Oracle content management system (CMS) is designed to sync your data across all of your PeopleSoft & E-Business Suite applications, the moment it comes in to your organization.

With IntelliChief’s document management software, you can automatically add content to a digital archive, then have the data verified and synced with Oracle. You can even save new documents that are created while you’re working in your ERP. It’s a simple, central platform that lets you manage your crucial information with minimal effort.

Organize and Store Your Enterprise Content

IntelliChief’s content management system makes it easy to organize and store your documents. Contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and other paperwork can be scanned in, or automatically captured as they arrive via email or fax. (New documents that are created in your Oracle applications – like shipping confirmations and sales orders – are automatically saved as well.) From there, your records are indexed, archived, and saved to a secure electronic archive.

Access Your Content Without Leaving Oracle

When users need a specific piece of content, they can access it any time – without having to leave their Oracle applications. Your Accounts Payable team can retrieve invoices while working in Oracle Financials, and your HR managers can access employee requests from PeopleSoft Human Capital Management. (Because our document management system is designed for the enterprise, you can use it anywhere you use your ERP.)  The intuitive user experience means that you don’t have to adjust to a completely new interface. Users can stay in the software they already feel comfortable using, sharing and collaborating with ease.

Our document management software also lets you access your content from any location. When employees are traveling or working remotely, they can retrieve paperwork from a mobile device or Internet-enabled computer. It’s an easy way to collaborate on the go.

Oracle Content Management System

Validate and Sync Your Business Data

IntelliChief can handle all of your Oracle data entry behind the scenes. Our OCR software can capture information from your documents (both paper-based and electronic), then import it into your ERP. It can process both structured and unstructured content, allowing you to put an end to manual document processing.

With data entry automation, you’re able to spend much less time on Oracle administration. For instance, you don’t have to type in every single invoice that you receive. Our CMS can scan the invoice, cross-reference the data against the information you already have stored in Oracle, and create a new transaction in your accounting application. Electronic document management saves time and eliminates data entry errors, while speeding up your Oracle accounts payable process flow.

Oracle Workflow Automation

Once your data is entered into Oracle, you can use it to streamline the processes you already have in place. Our content management system lets you:

By automating your day-to-day workflows in Oracle, you’re able to continue using your ERP modules the same way you always have – only faster and more efficiently. The result? Lower content management costs, fewer resources wasted on low-value tasks, and more time to focus on developing your business.

Discover Our Enterprise Content Management System for Oracle PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite

Our content management software has helped hundreds of companies improve the way they work. Our goal? To help you do the same, with a smooth installation and a stress-free roll-out.

As an Oracle Gold-Level Product Integration Partner, we’ve developed comprehensive solutions that work seamlessly with Oracle’s applications, right out of the box (no programming is required). We can help you implement a better content management strategy, without having to completely overhaul your current software architecture.

We know that your business is continually transforming – which means that we’re here at every step of the way. Whether you need to add users, optimize new business processes, or modify your workflows, our support team is ready and waiting. As a leader in Oracle content management integration, we’ve seen it all – and can use that extensive industry knowledge to get you up and running right away.

Because our Oracle content management solutions are designed for the enterprise, you can leverage them throughout your organization. IntelliChief ECM works with PeopleSoft Financial Management, PeopleSoft Orders & Inventory Management, E-Business Suite Payables & Receivables, and all other core business applications. (And if Oracle isn’t the only ERP that you use? IntelliChief can integrate with additional platforms at the same time.) Cross-platform versatility not only lets you make the most of IntelliChief ECM, but it also lets you extend the life of the investments you’ve already made in your enterprise technologies.

To request a custom demo of our Oracle content management system, contact us today. Or, keep reading for the real-world results of another Oracle user’s ECM initiative.