Non-PO Invoice Processing

Collect, review, route, approve, code, and voucher invoices from a centralized platform

IntelliChief’s accounts payable automation software provides a simple solution for non-PO invoice processing. You can collect, review, route, approve, code, and voucher your invoices – all from a single platform. With all the documentation you need right at your fingertips, you can confirm the details of every transaction, then quickly prepare it for payment.

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Approving Non-Purchase Order Invoices

IntelliChief lets you automatically route non-PO invoices to department supervisors for approval. As soon as an invoice arrives, our AP automation software identifies the supplier, looks up the account, and sends it directly to the employee who has the authority to approve it. Getting documents to the right people takes seconds, rather than days – and you don’t have to worry about documents getting lost in the shuffle.

When you’re required to secure multiple approvals for purchases over a certain dollar amount, IntelliChief lets you implement custom, multi-step approval routes. As each employee reviews the invoice, they can approve it electronically, without having to print it out, sign it, and hand-deliver it to the next employee in the approval chain. You can also create different workflow rules for PO-based and non-PO invoice processing; IntelliChief is easy to customize for each of your individual AP workflows.

When a specific approver is out of the office, our software can send their pending invoices to a colleague. This prevents paperwork from piling up while they’re gone. Meanwhile, automatic notifications and reminders make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Assigning General Ledger Codes to Non-PO Transactions

IntelliChief lets you look up and assign general ledger codes from any device, without having to log in to your accounting system. This eliminates the need to manually look up GL codes and hand-write categories onto your non-PO invoices. (Your employees can even code and voucher your invoices from a mobile device, letting them categorize their purchases while working in the field.)

Using the classifications that you already have saved in your ERP, our software can even provide custom code recommendations based on:

  • Vendor
  • Business unit
  • Product code
  • Invoice category
  • Amount

These GL coding solutions let you speed up your non-PO invoice processing cycle even further while making it less likely for an invoice to be inaccurately classified. When the time comes to review your General Ledger or audit your Accounts Payable department, every transaction will be properly coded and tracked.

Automated Voucher Creation

Once a non-PO invoice is coded and approved, IntelliChief can even create a voucher for payment. Our software electronically communicates with your ERP, allowing it to easily import all the information that’s needed for an official voucher. (It doesn’t matter which platform you use for Accounts Payable; our solutions can integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, JD Edwards, and other applications.)

With end-to-end invoice automation, your team doesn’t have to waste time on manual data entry or administration. Your suppliers receive their payments more quickly, and you’re able to capture a higher percentage of early payment discounts. It’s a reliable, forward-thinking way to improve your bottom line.

Eliminate Duplicate Invoice Payments

Many companies struggle with duplicate payments – especially when processing invoices that don’t include a purchase order number. But with IntelliChief’s Accounts Payable automation software, each invoice is automatically linked to the correct transaction. As soon as an invoice is processed, it’s moved to an electronic archive. This prevents your Accounts Payable team from issuing multiple payments for the same purchase while keeping Finance from having to sort out the resulting errors.

To learn more about simplifying your non-PO invoice workflows with IntelliChief, contact us today. We can help you customize a paperless AP solution for your company’s specific needs.