A New Sales Channel Built Through Customer Service

Tim Nissen | A New Sales Channel Built Through Customer Service.

This story’s different; its end is a continuous new beginning.

This manufacturer and distributor’s business model revolves around the ability to have product available in a wide range of point-of-sale locations. With that comes Sales and Customer Service challenges faced by any company supplying product through multiple channels.

What they discovered was a new sales channel opportunity built through Customer Service with IntelliChief enterprise content management (ECM). The company automates order information capture, verifies it with customer contracts in their ERP, then workflow routes each order for fulfillment.

“We’ve created a proactive Sales and Customer Service environment, one where our Representatives have access through IntelliChief ECM to each customer’s account information, order history and status, and are able to recommend replacement orders before the customer realizes they have the upcoming need. Our customers appreciate us being on-top of their business; it provided them better inventory control and higher sales volume.”

See how it works for them, in this 1-page case study overview: http://bit.ly/2pzM01s.