IntelliChief Version 4.2 Is Now Available

IntelliChief Version 4.2 is now available. The latest version of our document management and workflow automation solutions offers:

Fast, Multi-Thread Workflow Automation

The IntelliChief Workflow Server can now process multiple threads at once. Longer processes won’t delay your other tasks; multiple processes can receive simultaneous attention from the server. This decreases the overall processing time for the tasks you complete in IntelliChief.

Highlighted Index Fields

When a document requires a manual review, IntelliChief now highlights the data that needs a user’s attention. This makes exception handling much faster and more straightforward.

Enhanced AP Invoice Matching Capabilities

The newest Accounts Payable invoice matching interface helps expedite your 2- and 3-way match. Capture Enterprise lets you automatically collect new invoices, and workflow updates help you confirm the validity of each line item.

More Robust Document Tracking Options

Artificial Intelligence now helps IntelliChief’s document capture tracking create a more comprehensive audit trail. Administrators can identify documents as they’re added to the system, and designated the appropriate paths once they enter workflow. This makes it easy to find documents that are missing from transactions or projects.

Secure FTP File Transfers

IntelliChief now features SSL and TLS protocols, secure FTP technologies, and password encryption. This helps increase information transfer security.

Streamlined User Administration

Last Login allows administrators to determine which users should remain active within the system, and Client Timeout frees licenses from inactive users.

Upgrade to IntelliChief Version 4.2

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