IntelliChief 3.0 – Faster Deployment and Management Options

Tampa, FL (May, 2010)

IntelliChief, LLC, has recently announced the release of new solutions for IBM Power Systems (System i / iSeries 400) and Windows enterprises. IntelliChief Version 3.0 brings new changes based on customer feedback – in particular, the need for faster deployment. Highlights of this new release include:

Environments Administration

IntelliChief Release 3.0 brings important changes to the product’s back-end architecture. The most important: the creation of three separate environments:

  • A development environment – Users can create new workflows, document profiles, and other settings in an environment that’s completely separate from their production database.
  • A test environment – Users can test their changes as a Conference Room Pilot before sending them live.
  • A production environment – Users can quickly promote new settings into the live production environment for day-to-day use.

This new architecture allows you to make changes quickly, without any downtime. It also prevents your live data from becoming compromised.

The upgrade also includes full reporting options that show all changes and system elements affected. This allows you to fully review updates before promoting the changes into production. At the same time, you’ll get real-time feedback about how the changes will affect your users.

Promotion Control

A new Promotion Control function helps you identify the elements that will be promoted from Development to Conference Room Pilot, or from Conference Room Pilot to Production. This gives you more visibility into potential changes, as well as more control over your deployment.

New Management Console

IntelliChief 3.0 also features a new, streamlined management console. In one screen, administrators can access all of their system configuration options, including servers, service status, and more.

Windows 7 Support

IntelliChief 3.0 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions).


Release 3.0 is available immediately. It is free of charge to existing customers.

For more information, contact us today.