National Key-Free Day

National Key-Free Day is on its way – and we’re here to celebrate!

At IntelliChief, we know exactly how frustrating – and time-consuming – it is to type everything into your various business systems. On July 27, 2018, we’ll be celebrating National Key-Free Day, a new movement that celebrates more efficient data management.

With so many recent advancements in AI and RPA, there’s really no reason for manual data management. Now more than ever, it’s a smart strategy to rely on software for data validation, entry, and form processing.

Every year, we’ll be setting aside the fourth Friday in July for National Key-Free Day, as we continue to celebrate the ongoing abilities of ECM. We’ve seen customers reduce their document processing time (and cost) by as much as 50 percent – a trend that’s well worth talking about.

To get in on the celebration, post your document automation thoughts on social media, using #KeyFreeDay to join the conversation. And if you’re not part of the movement yet, what are you waiting for? Let IntelliChief help you find a solution for faster, more cost-effective data management.