Mincron Extends IntelliChief™ Integration to its SmartDistributor Wholesale Distribution System

Mincron Software Systems has selected IntelliChief as the preferred provider of electronic document management solutions for the SmartDistributor ERP.

IntelliChief’s document management software is designed for distributors. It can help speed up order-to-ship, delivery-to-collection, and purchase-to-pay cycles, while improving customer response times.

IntelliChief Connect Features Over 30 Integration Points with Mincron SmartDistributor

Mincron extended its integration to IntelliChief with the release of IntelliChief Connect. This fully integrated module allows Mincron SmartDistributor users to process documents electronically using IntelliChief’s automated workflow tools.

Mincron’s President Wendy Berger explains:

“We built SmartDistributor for Distributors. Distributors have unique needs that we understand from having been in the industry ourselves, as well as 30 years of building applications specifically for the challenges that distribution professionals face. The IntelliChief Connect interface is no different. It anticipates where and when a user would need to access content and provided a seamless bridge to IntelliChief for access.”

The new module is part of the latest release of Mincron’s Distribution ERP software.

Benefits of the SmartDistributor+IntelliChief Integration

With the new integration, Mincron ERP users can:

Mincron SmartDistributor users who go paperless with IntelliChief can gain significant savings and improvement in their operations. The new module is available immediately to new and existing customers.

To learn more about this extension to IntelliChief’s document management system, request a demo or contact IntelliChief today.

About Mincron

Mincron Software Systems, headquartered in Houston Texas, is a leading supplier of integrated software solutions and services for distribution companies.

Mincron’s solutions help wholesalers and distributors, logistics companies, and other businesses improve their profitability by reducing operating costs and increasing revenues. In addition to its ERP solutions, Mincron offers Web Commerce, EDI, light manufacturing and warehouse management solutions.