Electronic Content Management for Job Cost Accounting Software – An Easy Way to Manage Your Project Expenses

Job cost accounting is a unique challenge. Keeping track of every project’s materials, labor costs, and overhead expenses is a constant, long-term process. And, it often involves several people – from contractors to project managers and financial controllers. It’s crucial for every employee (and department) to stay on the same page.

IntelliChief works with your job cost accounting software, making it easier to stay organized. You can track each project’s expenses and report on your progress, without wasting time on manual administration.

Automatically Assign Cost Codes, Approve Invoices, & Track Purchases

IntelliChief’s ECM for job cost accounting software lets you:

With IntelliChief, you can keep track of materials, labor, and sub-contractor invoices from a single location. Anything that counts as a project expense can be tracked, reported on, and automatically added to your general ledger. And, your users in the field don’t have to memorize every cost category or job number – or even have access to your Accounting System. Our software communicates with your accounting system to provide recommendations as you go.

Automated Invoicing & GL Coding for Job Cost Accounting Software

Mobile Document Access for Remote Job Cost Accounting

It’s one thing to manage your production costs from your back office. But when you are working at a job site, getting deliveries from vendors, or consulting with clients, you need a system that lets you work on the go. IntelliChief’s mobile content management software lets you manage your expense invoices remotely. You can do everything you normally would on your desktop computer, but on a smartphone or tablet.

Real-Time Job Cost Reporting

With job cost accounting, it’s critical to have real-time insight into your expenses. IntelliChief Analytics lets you create custom dashboards for comparing your job budgets to your actual expenses.

Overspending on labor, but under budget for materials? Behind schedule because of late deliveries from a particular vendor?

IntelliChief lets your project managers compare your actual costs with your budgets. This lets you strategically analyze your profits and make better decisions for your bottom line.

Our integrated analytics system is easy to customize, too. Project Managers need different information than CEOs – and that’s easy to accommodate. Drag and drop reporting gives everyone what they’re looking for.

Project Record Retention

IntelliChief isn’t just for tracking job costs – it also keeps your records organized in case of an audit. It can store your data as long as needed once you’ve closed out a project, without cluttering up your office. Plus, it’s easy to search an electronic archive for any contract, proposal, or project report you need to reference. And once a document is no longer needed? IntelliChief can automatically delete old records based on your company’s document retention policy. Learn more about IntelliChief Retention Manager.

Discover IntelliChief’s Easier Approach to Job Cost Accounting

The more projects you take on, the more you’ll benefit from a content management system that’s integrated into your job cost accounting solution, like IntelliChief. Our solutions let you scale more efficiently. As your company grows, you can rise to the challenge – without data entry errors or miscommunications getting you off track.

To see how easy it can be to track your projects and report on your costs, request a custom demo of IntelliChief.  Or, contact us to learn more about job cost accounting software for your construction firm or manufacturing business.