JDE Accounting Automation: ERP-Integrated Business Solutions for Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Spending too much time on your accounting workflows in JDE? Automation can help. At IntelliChief, we’ve created comprehensive solutions for JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne. Our software can help you streamline your Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable cycles. You’ll spend fewer resources on administration while streamlining your most common financial processes.

Take the Manual Work Out of The JD Edwards Accounting Process

Even if you use JD Edwards as a central business platform, accounting can still be a disorganized and time-consuming process.

In Accounts Payable, you have to collect your incoming invoices, review each line item, enter the data into your ERP, and prepare each transaction for payment. Every time there’s a discrepancy, you have to find and resolve it. Any delay – no matter how small – could lead to a late payment fee (or missed early payment discount).

In Accounts Receivable, you have prepare and send invoices for each completed sale. As payments arrive, you have to post them to your ERP, while managing the collections process for past-due accounts.

With automated solutions for JDE accounting, you can spend less time on these core financial processes. Our software can handle invoice matching, exception handling, & voucher creation behind the scenes.

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Connecting directly with your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World ERP, IntelliChief:

  • Automatically captures your incoming invoices from your email and fax system
  • Collects invoice data and stores it to a searchable archive
  • Matches the invoice to the corresponding purchase order and receipt
  • Resolves common discrepancies, such as mismatched units of measure or currencies
  • Sends an electronic notification to your processors when an error needs to be reviewed
  • Sends the invoice to an approval manager, if there is no purchase order to support the transaction
  • Recommends appropriate GL codes for the invoice, if it needs to be categorized for your general ledger
  • Processes and formats your data for upload and voucher creation in JD Edwards
  • Automatically generates customer invoices to streamline your order to cash cycle

With IntelliChief, you don’t have to change your existing processes. Our software follows your Accounting department’s current business rules, such as invoice approval routes and late payment policies. You can continue using JD Edwards the same way you always have – only faster and more efficiently.

Increased Visibility into Your Financial Operations

Collecting your business data straight from JDE, our software provides you with important accounting metrics that you can use to improve your performance. You can see how many invoices you currently need to pay, which vendors you spend the most with, what percentage of early payment discounts you’re missing out on, and what percentage of your receivables are past due. Your team can then leverage this financial information into strategies for improving your bottom line.

Access Stored Business Data Without Leaving JD Edwards

IntelliChief reduces the amount of work you have to do in JD Edwards – but certain processes will always need an employee’s input. In these situations, our software gives your team instant access to everything they need. Users can search for invoices, purchase orders, and other documents using any criteria – without leaving their JD Edwards application screen.

Real-Time Integration With Your JDE Accounting System

IntelliChief integrates with your JD Edwards accounting system in real-time. Built on a service-oriented architecture, it cross-references your JDE tables, using the data you already have saved in your ERP to streamline corresponding processes.

Unlike other accounting solutions, which only update at pre-scheduled intervals, our system has continual access to your ERP.
This means that it’s always working with your most up-to-date transactional data. Because it knows everything that’s been done – across your entire JDE system – it can complete many of your workflows straight through. There’s no need for redundant data entry or unnecessary employee intervention.

Our integrations also let users complete specific tasks in IntelliChief, even without a JD Edwards login. For instance, department managers can assign GL codes to invoices for purchases that they made, even if they aren’t a named user in JDE. Using JD Edwards published business services, our software can send the information to your ERP – which means that you don’t have to enter the code manually. Meanwhile, automatic code recommendations save your employees from having to look up your chart of accounts.

Scalable Solutions for Other JD Edwards Applications

Our software isn’t just designed for use in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. As an enterprise-level platform, it has a number of other JDE-compatible applications as well.

IntelliChief can integrate with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Procurement, World Financial Management, World Human Capital Management, and other applications across your ERP. When you automate more than your Accounting Department, you reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your ROI.

Learn More About IntelliChief’s Automated Solutions for JDE Accounting

As an Oracle Gold Partner, we can make your project as simple – and successful – as possible. Our experts have a deep technical understanding of the JD Edwards system architecture and can customize your solution to meet your unique IT needs. Whether you use World or EnterpriseOne, we can design an accounting solution that seamlessly complements your ERP.

To learn more about our Oracle JD Edwards Integration Module, contact us today. Or, visit our Resource Library to see real-world applications and case studies for JDE accounting automation.