Automated Sales Order Processing in JD Edwards

Manual sales order processing in JD Edwards is costly and time-consuming. Automation makes it easier.

See how: this 30-minute video shares everything you need to know about automated sales order processing within JD Edwards World & EnterpriseOne. 

It covers:

  • Peer testimonials and problem-solving advice
  • Benchmarked sales order processing improvements (in terms of time, accuracy, and cost)
  • Electronically capturing and organizing all documents related to each transaction
  • Company-specific business process workflow mapping
  • Relationship-strengthening strategies for Sales, Customer Service, and clients
  • Modern approaches to fulfillment via both Desktop and Mobile
  • Order status reporting, including Open Orders and Days Sales Outstanding

At IntelliChief, we’ve helped countless JD Edwards users automate their order entry process. Our software facilities increased fulfillment visibility, interdepartmental input & exception handling, and quicker approvals. Find out how our ERP-integrated solutions can help you move away from manual processing – or contact us today for more information.