JD Edwards Sales Order Processing Automation

The abilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for JD Edwards Sales Order Processing Automation can be leveraged to drive repeatable rules-based actions and move you away from costly manual processes that lack status visibility.

If you are currently processing inbound customer orders into your JD Edwards application, this on-demand video highlighting RPA and AI abilities is an interesting watch.

It relays how to gain the maximum amount of efficiency needed to drive down costs, improve order fulfilment, and ensure customer SLAs are met. It demonstrates how IntelliChief ECM integrates seamlessly with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World, and how it uses RPA and AI to automate routine tasks inherent in manual order processing.

The prominent benefits include:

  • Decreasing manual processing time and cost
  • Increasing order fulfillment accuracy by automating order documentation collection, with workflow mapped to your specific processes
  • Order status reporting, analytics of Open Orders, Days Sales Outstanding, etc.
  • Desktop and mobile accessing of fulfillment visibility, interdepartmental input, faster reviews, exception handling, approvals
  • Improving relationships between Sales, Customer Service and valued clients
  • Electronically file all the documents related to a Customer’s order transaction.

What positive fiscal impact will this have on you? See the video at http://bit.ly/2QLPaNV


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