Invoice Validation Software – Match Your Vendor Invoices to Your Purchase Orders and Receipts

Invoice validation is a time-consuming process. Finding the right purchase order and receipt is one thing. Comparing every single line item across the entire set of documents is even more tedious.  So is having to enter the invoice in your ERP, only to find out a part of the order wasn’t actually received.  If something doesn’t match up, your team has to decide whether it’s a simple issue (like a supplier using a different part number than your company uses internally), or something more complex that requires a phone call to resolve.

If there’s nothing wrong with an invoice, validation can take between 10 and 15 minutes. But when there’s something that needs to be reviewed, the reconciliation process can be much more tedious. And with the industry average for inaccurate invoices coming in at 3.6 percent, that can mean hours of valuable time wasted on manual processing.

Simplify Your Invoice Validation Process with IntelliChief

With IntelliChief, you can automate your entire accounts payable process.  Our system collects your invoices, checks to see if the charges are correct, and – if there’s something that can’t be verified – automatically routes them to an employee for resolution. (Within our system, you can easily assign each groups of vendors to specific Accounts Payable clerk.) It can even convert part numbers if they differ from the Purchase Order.

If the invoice is correct, but needs to be approved before it’s paid, IntelliChief sends them to the right person, right away. No need to print out the invoice, deliver it, and get it signed while the supplier waits for their payment. You can even code special charges, like taxes and freight, and passed to your ERP to quickly create your vouchers. Learn more about automated approval routing. In addition, special charges like tax and freight can be coded on the invoices and passed to the ERP to create the voucher.

Our software can also:

Convert Units of Measure

Order 4 units, but receive 2 boxes of 2 units each? IntelliChief understands that you got what you ordered – even if you and the vendor use different measurements or part numbers.

Import Data Into Your ERP

Once your invoices are validated, IntelliChief can import the data directly into your ERP – which means no more manual keying for your Accounts Payable team.

Our system is designed to work with any type of invoice, and any invoice format. It can reconcile PDFs, faxes, and paper documents that are scanned into the system. And, it’s intelligent enough to recognize information no matter where it’s located on an invoice. IntelliChief can quickly deal with all of your Accounts Payable content, even processing many of your invoices straight through.

Prevent Duplicate Invoice Payments

As part of the validation process, our program communicates with your accounting system to make sure the invoice hasn’t already been paid. This helps you prevent improper payments from being issued, while making it easier to control your cash flow. (Plus, if you’re ever audited, our invoice system provides a comprehensive record of all your outgoing payments – making it easy to see where every dollar was spent.)

If you’re ready for a better approach to vendor invoice management, contact us today. You can also request a custom demo of our invoice validation software to see our AP automation solutions in action.