B&L Document Management

IntelliChief has long been a trusted provider of electronic document management solutions. Now, those solutions integrate directly with the B&L Information Systems ERP. This offers a better approach to document management for foundry & die-casting professionals.

Document Management Solutions for B&L Odyssey and BLIS-400

IntelliChief’s document management software can communicate behind-the-scenes with your B&L ERP – whether that’s Odyssey or BLIS-400. When either of these are used in conjunction with IntelliChief, you can:

  • Create and capture your business documents electronically
  • Access these documents from a desktop computer (either through the internet, or directly from your application screen)
  • Automate crucial workflows, such as invoice processing and sales order processing

This gives you a better way to manage your data, as well as the complex business processes that are necessary to your supply chain’s success.

B&L ERP Document Management

What’s more: the solution is highly customizable. System administrators can use a central screen to configure the integration points, and to select the documents that they’d like to automatically index and store. They can also set which screens users can access archived documents from, and when users will be prompted to scan in physical documents. Once in the system, these documents are securely stored, and indexed for real-time retrieval.

The Advantages of Automated Document Management

When you’re no longer worried about managing your paper records by hand, you’ll notice a significant increase in productivity – as well as lower costs across any department that’s impacted by the change. And with IntelliChief, you can implement your new document management strategy across your entire organization. Our B&L ERP solutions can be used in Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Service, HR, and other operational areas.

Michael Jasper, Partner Development Manager at IntelliChief, states, “Users can expect lower labor costs due to faster business document processing in many areas, including purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. Anywhere that business effectiveness is hampered by the inefficient handling of paper-based documents, IntelliChief can help you un-complicate your processes. The combined solution also enables you to be audit-compliant, making the process more cost effective.”

With IntelliChief’s complete integration, metalworkers that use a B&L ERP can also benefit from improved information quality, accessibility, and analysis — while eliminating redundant data and tasks.

Discuss Your B&L Document Management Project With an Industry-Recognized Expert

BLIS-400 users have benefited from IntelliChief for years. Now, “this project provides the Odyssey community with the same deep level of integration”, says Doug Hinman at B&L Information Systems. “As with the BLIS-400 integration, B&L has taken the lead, has written the Odyssey integration, and will maintain it as future versions are released”, he continues.

To learn more about IntelliChief’s B&L document management solutions, contact us today.