IntelliChief Mobile Workflow Software Named KMWorld Trendsetting Product

IntelliChief’s mobile content management software has been named KMWorld’s Trendsetting Product of 2018.

The software, which is a natural extension of the company’s automated document management & workflow solutions, allows users to process their documents from any devices.

Users can:

All of this can be done from a responsive mobile application – and each action can be synced with the user’s primary ERP. No VPN is needed; users can complete all of this from their Apple or Android device.

“In designating products to KMWorld’s 2018 list of Trend-Setting Products, we looked for solutions that are inventive as well as utilitarian, that break new ground, and that help organizations achieve their knowledge management goals and the digital transformation they need to thrive,” said Tom Hogan, group publisher of KMWorld. “The offerings on our list result from innovation, imagination, and evolution. They reflect the ingenuity of the developers and the diversity of invention.”

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